Ayumi plans ahead for afterlife!?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Japanese pop diva, Ayumi Hamasaki, at only 31 is making sure that her place in the afterlife will be as lavish as possible. According to tabloid 'Nikkan Sports,' she has been reported to have purchased a prime piece of land in the Aoyama Cemeteryand intends to make it her family's resting ground.

The "neighborhood" had many graves with exquisite designs and houses the remains of many other famous Japanese people. According to the same tabloid, Hamasaki's mother has already designed a tombstone with the carved words "Hamasaki Family" in English and Japanese characters.

>I think it's great to think ahead, even planning for the afterlife. Somehow it seems like an omen to buy a grave site at such a young age.. but what more can I expect from the extravagant pop idol. Much love Ayumi-chan!~


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