(M/V) Gdragon- A Boy

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gdragons new video for his song "A boy" off his first solo album!

I like the video. I wish their would have been more clips from when he was younger. I feel like the one clip over and over is not enough. Other then that I like the song, the video is good not amazing.
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(M/V)New 2pm!- Heartbeat

New song Heartbeat off their new ablum 1:59. Plus comeback stage!
Check it out!

I really love this song and MV. I feel like the song is about Jaebum don't you? I think naming the ablum 1:59 was a really good idea. It shows they haven't forgotten about Jaebum, I'm still sad he's not their.

I really love the choreography for this dance its very unique.
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(M/V) Bigbang-Let me hear your voice

Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Japanese Bigbang music video! for their song Koe wo kikasete (let me hear your voice).
check it out!

Bigbang- Koe wo kikasete

This video is incredibly plain, so much so it hurt. I like looking at Bigbang as much as everyone else, but I really wanted something to happen. Come on drive a car, walk down a street, give me something this barely held my attention. Compared to their other MV's this one is seriously weak, with it's bland colors and repetitive close up's. I still love Bigbang but It needed more a lot more. Did anyone else notice the random clip of Taeyang running whats up with that it didn't even match ugh. The more I think about it the more it aggravates me.
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(M/V) GDragon- Butterfly

Gdragons new music video "Butterfly" off his first solo album.
It'll make you feel warm inside check it out!

Being a computer art major I was in love with this video before it even started. The video really complements the song and they flow together nicely. Ah the art is just wonderful I can watch this over and over again Enjoy!

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Super Junior M

Sunday, November 1, 2009
Super Junior M (China), not to be confused with Super Junior (Korea) but very similar, is getting really hot in China right now with their new hit song "Super Girl" seen here:

Super Junior M's - "Super Girl"

Suju-M is formed with five original Suju (Korea) members plus two more Chinese members. No wonder this song had very Super Junior-ish dance moves and sound. For those who aren't so familiar with Chinese pop (ex: Linda =P), I think this song would be a great start. I love it! Read More......

Big Bang featured in TIME Magazine!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Another Korean music artist is making it global. Just like Rain, Big Bang was featured in 'Time' magazine's, a famous American weekly magazine, on October 29th. They didn't receive a magazine spread like Rain, but this is still major accomplishment for them since they've only just begun expanding out of Korea.

In the article, Big Bang was introduced as one of the most promising groups in Korea and about their journey into advancing into the Japanese market.

The article states:

The vocalist Rain-among the TIME 100 in 2006- remains the international face of K-pop, but a host of other artists are eager to follow in his wake...

"Rain himself has struggled to make an impression in the U.S., despite a ton of MTV appearances and onstage backup from the likes of Omarion and Diddy. That leaves Japan as the prime foreign market for the talented, preening young acts that South Korea produces by the score."

The promising of these is Big Bang, a domestically successful five-man hip-hop group formed through Making the Band-style reality show in 2006.

And also:

"Tracks like "My Heaven" (a collaboration with top Japanese DJ Daishi Dance) and "Love Club" have plenty of dance-floor appeal. As for swoon factor, well, their track "Let Me Hear Your Voice" has been selected as the themes for the new Tokyo Broadcasting System romantic comedy Ohitotisama. If your work is popping up on Friday-night prime-time drama, total domination can't be that far behind."

"Total domination" lol. I think Big Bang certainly has the talent to advance into the world music market. I think they are even ready to debut here in the U.S like many other Korean artists such as WonderGirls, BoA, and of course RAIN. Although, I don't think they need to come to the U.S to be seen as successful, I would love to see them come to NY! To be featured in CNN and now TIME magazine is really amazing!

BIG BANG FIGHTING! GANBATTE! We love you guys! <3
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More Happy Endings - Abe Tsuyoshi also gets married!

Chinese-Japanese actor Abe Tsuyoshi(Chinese name: Li Zhen)(27) and Chinese actress Shi Ke(29) got married in Beijing, China last week.

If you don't remember who Abe Tsuyoshi is, he is mostly well known for his part in Japanese drama "Hana Yori Dango" as Mimasaka Akira. He was also in many other dramas such as "Koizora" and "Zettai Kareshi."

The couple met in 2007 while filming Chinese movie "Stand in Love" and fell in love. How ironic! haha

Congrats Tsuyoshi and Shi Ke. Best of luck to the both of you in your marriage!
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Epik High's Tablo Gets Married!

Korean celebrity couple Table (Epik High) and actress Kang Hye-Jung tied the knot on Monday, October 26th. I don't know why but this reminds me of Epik High's song "Map the Soul" . Seems like he was singing about her. ♪♫No reason to live without you♫♪ So sweet^^ I love that song.

Here are some more photos from the wedding ceremony. Awwe don't they look so good together? She looks so beautiful in her dress T_T Congrats Hye-Jung and Tablo! I wish them both the best in their marriage :)

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Younha new MV - "Sukinanda"

The very talented and beautiful singer who has been dubbed "The Oricon Comet" for topping the charts in Japan recently has released a MV for her new single called 好きなんだ(Sukinanda), which means "I Like You." The single will be released on November 18th. It will be in CD format and has only two tracks: 1. Sukinanda and 2. Sunday.

The MV doesnt have much of a storyline, but shows Younha in different scenes around Japan with her cellphone, listening to mp3 and her guitar. I like that the video is very simple and cute and I can focus more on the song and her pretty voice :) She's so talented. I want to hear more songs from her!

PS: I absolutely love her cellphone!

Check out Younha's - "Sukinanda":

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Happy Halloween!!

Here's a movie to scare you ____less!


The story centers on a haunted convenience store, the disturbing effect it has on the owners and other local residents, and the grisly deaths of the customers who shop there. Read More......

Rain grooving to MBLAQ

Check out Rain dancing to his groups (MBLAQ) song "oh yeah". You can tell he's the boss, perfect moves.
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TVQX to do Tomehane theme!

Friday, October 30, 2009

TVXQ has been chosen to provide the theme song for the upcoming drama series "Tomehane! Suzuri Koukou Shodoubu." This will be their first one for a Japanese drama on NHK.

The song will be a rhythmic pop tune titled "BREAK OUT!" It is planned for release as a single this winter. The "Tomehane!" drama series was first announced in June. Adapted from a manga by Katsutoshi Kawai, the story follows a young high school girl named Yuki Mochizuki (Aki Asakura), a top judo athlete who winds up in her school's calligraphy club. The was pretty good for those who want to check it out.

NHK will air "Tomehane!" on Thursday nights at 8:00pm, starting on January 7.

I can't wait to hear the song and see the drama so anxious! Read More......

Beast does again and again!

Check it out inside!

B2ST (Beast) performs 2PM's single "Again & Again" on M! Countdown on 29th October 2009. I think they did a good job. This was their way of standing up for Jaebum and showing support for 2pm.
2pm Fighting!
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(M/V)Brown eyed girls- Sign

Check out new BEG and they're not happy..

My first thought when watching this was wow this guy is a good actor. I was focused more on him then the girls haha. The MV is really good I almost feel like I'm watching a trailer for a movie. I also like the song it has a nice melody and has the same "abracadabra" vibe.

Singer : Brown Eyed Girls
Album : Vol.3 - Sound G Repack
Date : 30 October 2009

Tracklist :
01. Sign
02. 잠에 취해
04. Sign (Junjaman Remix)
05. 잠에 취해 (Instrumental)
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Kara's Nicole goes back to school

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kara's Nicole is going back to school. She will be attending one of Korea's top universities, KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology).

While she is on campus, she will also be apart of Mnet's show "KAIST", which means cameras will be following her through her time studying, which im sure will be a bit annoying for her and the other students. Nicole might face a little trouble while attending college though because she was originally from the US, so her Korean isn't that fluent. So, netizens question whether she can handle her commitments with Kara and studying.

This will be Mnet "KAIST's" third series. Previous series had stars like MC Mong before. It is set to be shown sometime in November this year.

Who says celebrities cant have a good education? I think its great she's going back to school to have a back up plan just in case. I wish her all the luck! Nicole FIGHTING!! :)
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Ayumi plans ahead for afterlife!?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Japanese pop diva, Ayumi Hamasaki, at only 31 is making sure that her place in the afterlife will be as lavish as possible. According to tabloid 'Nikkan Sports,' she has been reported to have purchased a prime piece of land in the Aoyama Cemeteryand intends to make it her family's resting ground.

The "neighborhood" had many graves with exquisite designs and houses the remains of many other famous Japanese people. According to the same tabloid, Hamasaki's mother has already designed a tombstone with the carved words "Hamasaki Family" in English and Japanese characters.

>I think it's great to think ahead, even planning for the afterlife. Somehow it seems like an omen to buy a grave site at such a young age.. but what more can I expect from the extravagant pop idol. Much love Ayumi-chan!~
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New One Piece movie + bonus gift!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Japanese movie-goers who see this year's One Piece Film "Strong World" will receive the "0th volume" of Eichiro Oda's One Piece manga. Oda launched his manga about the young captain Monkey D. Luffy in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine 12 years ago in 1997, but the manga in the upcoming "One Piece Kan-zero" bonus gift will depict the world of One Piece from 20 years ago. Oda was only a junior high student 20 years ago when he thought of the earliest concepts that would become the popular manga/anime that One Piece is today.

Munehisa Sakai's One Piece Film "Strong World" is the 10th film based on Eiichiro Oda's manga. For the first time, Oda will be personally overseeing the film's production. He created the story and has drawn over 120 pages of rough drawings for the production of the movie.

Naoto Takenaka (actor, Aikou Kaitou (TV host) and Kousuke Kitajima (Olympis gold-medal winner) are among guest voices for the cast. The movie will open in Japan on December 12.

Here's One Piece Movie 10 - "Strong Hold" trailer:

I have to say, I have never watched an episode of One Piece anime or read any of the manga^^; but I hear it's a great and the movie looks awesome! For all those who are fans, you must see the movie when it comes out!~
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Jpop icon Crystal Kay celebrates 10 years

Monday, October 19, 2009

Crystal Kay, 23, is the pioneer for interracial artists in Japan. She was born to African American U.S. service father and a South Korean mother. "There is still come racial things going on," claims a mild-mannered Crystal Kay. "Some people can't accept there are a lot of foreigners out there, even in the industry." "I consider myself a Japanese artist because I was born and raised here, but nationality-wise I look, and am, foreign."

Crystal Kay grew up in Yokohama to a musical family. Her mother was a singer and her father wrote music for fun. She was even lucky enough to meet legends like Diana Ross and Bobby Brown as a child. She loved Michael and Janet Jackson, Speed and Namie Amuro.

Kay debuted, at only 13 years old with her "Eternal Memories" song in 1999, in a time when J-Pop world wasn't very influenced by foreign music. But Crystal and many others have had a great impact on the J-Pop scene that is increasingly recognizing mixed race acts. "It's very flattering to be acknowledged as one of the first, if someone tells me that my music means something. Hopefully I can set a good example!" Now, she has eight top 10 albums and is currently celebrating 10 years in the business with her her first "Best of" collection and a tour!

Her rise to the top of the charts shows the mass appeal for R&B in Hip Hop influenced by a new generation of singers, such as Japanese artists like Koda Kumi. Others include Anna Tsuchiya (half Polish American) and popular African American enka singer Jero.

Her desire to ht the international scene still remains. She had hoped to do it by 18, but she sees the 10-year celebration as a turning point in her career and the right time to plan much further ahead.

"In these 10 years I have been all over the place, and that's a good thing. I got to experience a lot of things musically, bot now I think its time for me to create something a little more focused, which suits me best and what says 'This is Crystal's style.'"

Best of Crystal Kay was released on September 2, 2009

Here's Crystal Kay ft. Mflo - "I Like It":

"Girl U Love":

If you like this, listen to the rest of the album! It's great and she's so beautiful!^^
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BOA- Bump Bump

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Check out BOA's new Japanese single with m-flo "Bump Bump".

I became a fan of BOA after her US debut and she has continued to impress me ever since. She's truly an amazing artist great dancer and singer. I Love how she never uses a sexy image to promote herself. Back to the video! I really liked how the dancers kind of mimed to the song very funny. Other then that the video was pretty simple a room with her dancing in it. I kind of wish there was at least one scene change.
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YMCK- Sweet detective's song!

Only YMCK can sweeten up your day like this.

YMCK- お菓子かし刑事の歌 (Sweet detective's song)

YMCK and the sweet detective make a special plan. I didn't make that up that's what the description says haha. This song is from YMCK's 3rd album family genesis now available. I love the detectives little dance. The funniest part is the end when they all say dieto! haha. Is it me or does the detective remind you of Reborn from hitman reborn.
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Halcali and Soul set concert!

Check out Halcali and no.1 soul sets performance of Konya wa boogie back! off their joint album.

I love Halcali I honestly haven't heard of soul set till now. From what Ive listened to they're pretty good. I feel like there should be more to the beat of this song though its a little plain to me.

Im not sure exactly what music show this is of but it was in september.
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Drama grand prix 2009!

Friday, October 16, 2009

The results are in for the Summer 2009 Drama grand prix see if your favorite drama won!

And the winners are!....

Best Drama:

1. Buzzer Beat - 4755
2. Orthros no Inu - 2731
3. Ninkyo Helper - 2436
4. Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji - 769
5. Tenchijin - 346

Best Actor:

1. Tomohisa Yamashita (Buzzer Beat) - 4991
2. Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (Ninkyo Helper) - 2530
3. Hideaki Takizawa (Orthros no Inu) - 2170
4. Yosuke Eguchi (Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji) - 734
5. Satoshi Tsumabuki (Tenchijin) - 468

Best Actress:

1. Keiko Kitagawa (Buzzer Beat) - 5028
2. Nanako Matsushima (Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji) - 3186
3. Mikako Tabe (Tsubasa) - 885
4. Yasuko Sawaguchi (Kasouken no Onna) - 787
5. Kyoko Fukada (Karei Naru Spy) - 691

Best Supporting Actor:

1. Ryo Nishikido (Orthros no Inu) - 2940
2. Junpei Mizobata (Buzzer Beat) - 2105
3. Seishiro Kato (Ninkyo Helper) - 1564
4. Hideaki Ito (Buzzer Beat) - 995
5. Yusuke Santamaria (Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji) - 516

Best Supporting Actress:

1. Shihori Kanjiya (Buzzer Beat) - 2501
2. Saki Aibu (Buzzer Beat) - 2174
3. Meisa Kuroki (Ninkyo Helper) - 1920
4. Asami Mizukawa (Orthros no Inu) - 1474
5. Yui Natsukawa (Ninkyo Helper) - 608

I really enjoyed the acting in Buzzer Beat but I don't know if I would say its the best drama of the season. To me everything was so predictable maybe its because I watch so much anime. Kedo Buzzer Beat omedetou gozaimasu!(Congratulations to Buzzer Beat!)
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Shinee comeback!- Ring Ding Dong

Check out shinee's comeback song Ring ding dong! plus comeback stage! So much coming out this month enjoy!

Shinee- Ring Ding Dong

My sparkly Shinee has become beastly. Look what 2pm has started haha. I like the song the dance had to grow on my though, the swaying was a little odd to me at first.

Comeback stage Music bank!

Their always good live. I'm still getting used to Kim jonghyun's hair (the blonde one). I like it but its so different.I believe Shinee is number 1 right now but, with the influx of new boybands do you think Ring ding dong will stand up to the challenge?

Singer : SHINee
3rd Mini Album - 2009, Year of Us
Date : 16 October 2009

Tracklist :
01. Y.O.U.(Year Of Us)
02. Ring Ding Dong
03. Jo Jo
04. Get Down
05. SHINee Girl
06. 내가 사랑했던 이름
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Taeyang- Where you at

Check out Taeyang's New video!! for his song where you at.

The choreography is really amazing. To me Taeyang, Rain and DBSK are the best dancers. I love how simple the video is. The song and the choreography really tell the story, without the use of flashing lights and other excess.
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MBLAQ- Oh Yeah

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Check out Bi Rains new boy group MBLAQ = Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality!
UPDATE: added debut stage!

You can completely tell this Group is Rains creation,from the song to the way they dance. The dancing at the end was seriously awesome.Right now I have no complaints about them. I want more MBLAQ!

whoops thought I posted this when I didn't. I'm really liking MBLAQ.

The members are:
Seung Ho (승호) - Yang Seung Ho [Leader]
GO (지오) - Jung Byung Hee
Joon (준) - Lee Joon
Mir (미르) - Bang Chul Yeong
Cheon Dung (천둥) - Park Sang Hyun

1st Mini Album - Just Blaq
Date : 14 October 2009

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New boybands!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

And you thought there were alot of girl groups.A ton of korean boybands are due out this october. Check them out before they debut!

SHU-I -Bomb Bomb Bomb

Shu- I has already had their debut performance, but since there still fresh I decided to add them. When I first heard it I wasn't to fond of it, but now the song has really grown on me. I think their live performance is alot better then this video it seems cheap to me. Oh and no I have no idea what their name stands for.

B2ST- Teaser

Boys to search for top aka Beast. I hope they just stick with Beast. Hyun Seung the one in white with red hair, tired out for big bang but didn't make it. I'm glad to see he made it into another group he has a great singing voice.

B2ST showing off their dance moves.

MBlaq- Teaser

Mblaq is Rain's creation can't you tell. They dance just like him to me. check out theperformance they did during rains concert october 9th and 10th.

Pretty good.

Child of Empire- performing Rainism

I don't know much about this group yet but they definitly are talented.
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Gantz movie!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hiroya Oku's sci-fi action manga "GANTZ" is being adapted into two live-action films planned to be released in 2011. The movies will star Arashi's Kazunari Ninomiya (26) and actor Kenichi Matsuyama (24).

Shinsuke Sato is directing the films, which have reportedly been given a budget of 4 billion yen, with lots of CG involved. It is said that producers are aiming to make the film suitable for general audiences, which means that it may likely lack the violence of the original manga I don't know how they're gonna do that.

Although Kei and Masaru are high school students in the manga, their characters will be older in the movie. Kei has been turned into a college student looking for work, while Masaru is already working and taking care of his younger brother. The two childhood friends happen to meet again on a subway platform.

Oku's manga is still being serialized, but the two movies will tell a complete story with an original ending.

Filming is scheduled to start next month. The first movie is expected to hit theaters in winter 2011, while the second is slated for spring 2011. I haven't read any of the manga but I did watch the anime and from that I'm not really a big fan of Gantz. Maybe the manga is better but the anime did not impress me. I will watch the movie but that will be to watch Kazunari act. Even though I don't want him to be Kei simply because I hate kei he annoys me.

Check out the first part of the anime

I'm not a fan of the show but I like the opening. You an watch the rest of the episode on youtube if your interested. Simply double click the player.


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Crayon Shinchan to continue..

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

TV Asahi said Friday it will continue airing the animation series of ‘‘Crayon Shinchan’’ adapted from the comic book series. Despite the death of original cartoonist Yoshito Usui. Usui, 51, was found dead last month on Mt Arafune that straddles Gunma and Nagano prefectures.

TV Asahi ‘‘Our program will continue to feature the world view created by Mr Usui in his original stories which was shown in the animation series we have aired hitherto,’’ a public affairs official of the TV station said. TV Asahi said it also aims to release a new ‘‘Crayon Shinchan’’ movie next spring. ‘‘Crayon Shinchan’’ depicts the everyday life of a feisty kindergarten boy Shinnosuke Nohara and his family living in Kasukabe, Saitama Prefecture, where Usui resided. I love Shinchan I think its sad that it will continue with the creator but I also don't want it to go.
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Top 10 Mandarin Albums

Sunday, October 4, 2009

These are the Top 10 Mandarin Songs for the week of September 25th to October 1st. The album chart was based on retail sales. Congrats to Super Junior for making the Top 10!

Here's the Top 10:

1. Guo Shu Yao(郭書瑤 (瑤瑤)) - Free Love (愛的抱抱)
2. Angela Zhang (張韶涵) - The 5th season (第5季)
3. Joe Cheng (鄭元暢) - Chang One Song(暢一首歌)
4. New artist Family(新藝人家族) - Faith Map (信心地圖)
5. Eason Chan(陳奕迅) - 5/F Blissful Cuts(上五樓的快活)
6. Ding Dang(丁噹) - Night Cat (夜貓)
7. Shaun Yong Bang(永邦) - Devils Tears(魔鬼的眼淚)
8. Super Junior-M - Super Girl
9. Khalil Fong (方大同 - Timeless可啦思刻)
10. Cosmos People(宇宙人) - Self-titled Album(同名專輯)

Here are the Top 3 songs:

1.) Guo Shu Yao, also known as "Yao Yao" - '愛的抱抱' (Free Love)

Yao Yao shi hen ke ai! (Yao Yao is very cute^^). I really like the song, though the video is a bit strange.. but still enjoyable.

2.) Angela Zhang - '第5季' The Fifth Season)

I've always loved Angela's voice. It's very beautiful and so are many of her songs. I think maybe she should've gotten 1st place.

3.) Joe Cheng - '暢一首歌' (Chang One Song)

I only know Joe Cheng as the actor from Taiwan drama "It Started with a Kiss", but I can see he's trying hard with his singing career. I think he does really well with this song. Its really catchy and he can dance pretty well too. Plus he's really hot! So, it all works out :)
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An cafe best of Album!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Popular visual kei and dance-rock band (my favorite) An Cafe have announced the release of their first best-of album, currently untitled, for December 9th.

An Cafe was formed six years ago. Since then they have placed their name in the visual kei scene, as one of the most popular bands from this new generation. In January 2010, they are will be going on an indefinite hiatus after their first ever performance at Nippon Budokan.

The compilation album is expected to feature approximately 30 songs split into two discs, including rare old tunes, singles and unpublished brand-new songs. It will also be available in both regular and limited editions, though further details have yet to be revealed. I will get the limited editon for sure. They better come or ill be very upset.

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Ever wanted to watch Japanese TV Live?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Now you can!

There's a cute little program called KeyHoleTV, where you can watch real-time + live Japanese TV. Even better news, it's for free! I know there are many of us who like to watch anime, but watching and hearing real live Japanese people speak the language the way they actually do is a much better way of learning. If not for learning, then KeyHoleTV is good for just entertainment.

I've downloaded it and watch some dramas and anime from time to time. I think it's a really good program for being free. The audio and video is definitely not high quality, but it's decent enough to watch. Also major channels like TBS, TV Tokyo, TV Asahi, and Fuji TV are hosted. There are also some smaller channels and user broadcasts.

If you're interested in it, you can download here. If not, you can just browse the website if you find something interesting.

Happy Watching!~
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Jaebum's plight makes it to american TV

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I never thought that I would hear anything about this on American TV. Its by Seattle news so they probably thought hey why not. I really don't think it was a good idea to show his house and neighborhood, but I guess that's a normal news thing. Read More......

4minute#1 on Mnet

Check out 4minute winning #1 on mnet countdown. I'm really happy for them! Read More......

Miyavi- US dates confirmed!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Miyavi will be performing at:
2009/10/28 ニューヨーク/New York/The Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza
2009/10/30 アトランタ/Atlanta/Tabernacle
2009/11/02 テキサス/Texas/House of Blues Dallas

I'm definitely going to see him in New York! I can't wait I've been dieing to see him, and finally he's coming to New york! Read More......


Monday, September 28, 2009

New York anime festival Check inside for details and more pictures!

NYAF was fun but not as good as it could have been. It felt more like you were going to a big anime store with a tiny side of cosplay. Compared to other years when there would be more cosplayers then you could count, plus a wide assortment of different stores. It was still fun though my major complaint was where were the musical guests. I think there was only one performance there and at 11am, everyone else was playing someplace else.I hope NYAF will become as good as otakon one day. Next year october 8-10 comic con and anime festival will be on the same days. I don't know how there going to do it, I think they'll need to add more days because it'll be crazy.

Pictures of Con below!

The final fantasy crew.

Who doesn't wanna see Ulquiora in a dress.

Persona 4

Lelouch I think I was little to close you can see through the mask.

Red Ranger Oh the power of spandex!

Street fighter 4

Gothic Lolita

Astro boy! don't you hate it when people walk in your picture. I can't wait to see he movie it looks really good form the trailer.


Most awesome costume ever. Sorry for the blurriness cam lens was a little dirty.
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Co-Miyavi worldwide is open!

For all you Miyavi fans overseas you can now join his fan club! The fan club is call C.W.I.F which stands for Co-Miyavi worldwide international family. The first annual fee is 8,000yen which be 80 dollars. For more info check out the offical site! I know I'm gonna join as soon as I have the money I blame anime festival for that. Read More......

(M/V)Girugamesh- Border

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Not a new release but new to us. Check it out Girugamesh "Border" how do you like their new sound?

Girugamesh- Border

I really like their new sound. Its not to different to me, when I hear it I still think Girugamesh. This MV came out in July don't know how I missed it apologies to the readers. Girugämesh has new news to share so forgive us haha. The band is preparing to kick off 2010 with a Premium Oneman Show held at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST. Meanwhile, the final installment of three consecutive singles, Crying Rain, has yet to be released. The date has been set for October 7 with a CD-only and additional DVD version available can't wait!

Girugamesh- Alive

Psssh Had to post my favorite Girugamesh song. For those who have longed for Girugamesh accessories the wait is over. Girugamesh and has come together with Design skins to provide you with customized Girugamesh on your electronics even dining from table O_O- that deserved a face. You know you wanna check it out.
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Dir en Grey US tour dates!

Dir en Grey,Japanese rock,jrock,japanese

Wednesday Dir en grey announced a complete list of dates for their upcoming tour in November. The tour consists of ten shows in North America and one in South America.

Dir en grey will start off in Houston and Dallas on November 2-3, before going to Sao Paulo, Brazil, on November 8. They will then play three shows in New York whooho, followed by stops in Chicago, Englewood (Colorado), West Hollywood (for 2 shows), and San Francisco.

More information is available here check it out!

Here's some clips of them from last year when we saw them in new york. They were great but the crowd was murder.

New York Dir en Grey 2008

Great concert except for the pushing we were so close to front but couldn't even enjoy it. Next time we'll just stand on top if moshing is your thing you'll be fine.

These clips were taken from the side. We had to get out of the center. I fell down from the pushing which sucked, but I still love Dir en grey.Enjoy!

Just decided to add another one. This ones awesome.
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