TVXQ fans show their love

Saturday, August 29, 2009

If you have been following kpop news, you'd definitely know about the big dispute between TVXQ and SM Entertainment. On July 31st, JaeJoong, Micky, and Junsu filed for the Exclusive Contract Validity Suspension and Provisional Disposition Request against SM Entertainment..all big words..i know. This simply means they're disputing unfair pay and treatment from their 13 year contract with SM. The ruling case will be decided on Friday, September 11. TVXQ won't disband, but I just hope this is settled properly.

Yesterday afternoon at 1:30pm KST, a couple of TVXQ fans submitted a petition of a whopping 121,083 signatures to the Korean Human Rights Commision in hopes to protect TVXQ's human rights. The offline petition was created in an impressive 6 days from August 12th to 18th. These fans are really dedicated.

"The exclusive contract between TVXQ and SM Entertainment is so unlawful and so viloating of basic humans rights that it is hard to believe that that this is the contract between the nation's best idol group and the nation's best entertainment agency," said the fans. "This contract shows the dark, sinister side of the Korean agency and is shocking to the nation."

The dedicated fans finally commented, "We hope that they will be able to escape from this violation of human rights as quickly as possible and we hope that the National Human Rights Commission of Korea will help us protect the rights os TVXQ."

Here is a vid of the fans petition submission:

I can't really say, but how do you think this case will turn out?

Source - allkpop; VDBSKV
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StarKing Diva Showdown - JoKwon vs Taniguchi

The highly anticipated showdown of 2AM's Jo Kwon and his Japanese diva counterpart on star King has finally aired!

Jo Kwon's "rival" is Taniguchi (27) and dreams of one day becoming a Korean entertainer. He came on the show wearing a tight fit pink jeans and started mimicking Jo Kwon's movements. They danced to Lee Jung Hyun's old classic, resulting in much laughter for the audience and other participants.

This is hilarious! Jo kwon is such a diva and the Japanese guy was so funny. Then he started speaking Korean..that was so unexpected.

The showdown starts around :41 seconds. 2PM's NickKyun and Woo Young are also stars on the show. Enjoy!

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Lee Hyori's cute new CF - Shoppers Heaven

Yeah Yeah Yeah! After taking 3 very impressive wins on Mnet's Top 20, Lee Hyori is back at work with her new CF for Interpark, an online shopping website.

It's a short and sweet CF showing Hyori wearing different and casual outfits while being cute and adorably dorky herself. It makes me want to visit the website. If only I could look that cute in those clothes..

Also, sexy diva Hyori is scheduled to have a comeback in October with a more mature image. Who isn't? haha, but i'm still looking forward to her.

Isn't this a cute CF. What do you think?

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Mao Inoue's "Darling is a Foreigner"

Friday, August 28, 2009

Actress Mao Inoue (22), famous for her role as Makino Tsukushi in "Hana Yori Dango," and actor Jonathan Sherr (35), will play husband and wife in the upcoming movie version of the popular comic book series "My Darling is a Foreigner."

The comic book series was written by Saori Oguri. It tells the tales of her life with American husband Tony Laszlo, as they encounter and overcome cultural differences and barriers. The series was very popular, selling over 2 million copies and snippets have been shown inside JR trains in Tokyo since 2007, entertaining many passengers.

Filming for the movie has already begun and Inoue commented on the nice atmostphere of the set and wanted it to continue that way. "Ive never has a foreign boyfriend, but quite a few of my friends and relatives have, so they tell me it's likely I will have one too! I imagine it would be fun being in an international relationship, and the small things of everyday life would be interesting."

Inoue also commented on Sheer's good looks, saying "When I first met him, I thought 'Wow! He's cool!'"

Sherr said he couldn't believe he was chosen for the part. "I wondered if it was OK for me to star beside such a beautiful woman." "My Darling is a Foreigner" will open in cinemas next spring.

I really love Inoue as an actress! No clue who Jonathan Sherr is but he's definitely a good looking guy. I can't wait to see this movie..sounds interesting.
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Aya Ueto receives death threat!

Security will be tight at the Zepp Tokyo live house in Koto Ward on Monday night, after someone wrote a death threat on actress/singer Aya Ueto's Wikipedia page (supposedly Japanese). Someone updated the article with an entry title on Thursday saying "I'm going to throw a hand grenade at Aya Ueto's show on August 31st around 3p.m." and police received a few calls shorty after.

The entry, which warned that many people would be killed, was deleted about 20 minutes later.

It has been has been more than two years since Ueto (23) has performed live. Organizers said that they will go ahead with the "Happy Magic 2009" event in Odaiba. but increase the number of security personnel.

Wow, it's her first concert in 2 years and she gets a death threat. There are really a lot of crazy people out there today. They say it's probably because Aya is really popular (she was even on a postage stamp), so it's probably someone who doesn't like her popularity. Even so, I don't see Aya as someone who deserves to receive any death threats. I really hope for Aya and the audiences' safety on Monday and that they catch this person before he hurts anyone.

Source - JapanToday

On a much lighter note, listen to Aya Ueto's "Mou Ichido Dake" from her 16th single 'Smile For...'

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AKB48 surpasses SMAP?

There are 48 members in this group! and you thought Super junior was alot of people.

As evidence of their growing popularity, the latest single by the idol group AKB48 ranked #1 on the daily charts, outperforming even SMAP's newest song. According to Oricon, AKB48's "Iiwake Maybe" had estimated sales of more than 57,000 copies in its first day, compared to less than 31,000 copies for SMAP's "Sotto Kyutto / Superstar." Both were released on August 26.

Before this, AKB48 had never reached #1 on the daily or weekly charts. At this rate, "Iiwake Maybe" is on track to become their first chart-topper when the weekly sales numbers are published next week. SMAP, on the other hand, has already put out 21 number-one singles, including their last 10 releases before "Sotto Kyutto."

Meanwhile, popular anime series "K-On!" occupied the #3 to #5 slots with three new character singles. Last month, the show managed to become the first anime series to reach #1 with a character album.

Akb48- Iiwake Maybe

This video felt so long. Here's the shorten version of the beginning. Two girls have fight, one says sorry other says not good enough, then ride bikes to make up and sing. I won't lie to you I fast forwarded through most of that part, so sorry if this translation is lacking. Seriously though can we just get to the dancing, I was wondering if I clicked the right thing at first like what is this a drama.

On Thursday, New York Anime Festival officially confirmed that idol group AKB48 will be attending this year's convention (September 25-27) as a musical guest. Japanese media had been reporting since early July that the group was scheduled to perform in New York in September.

According to event organizers, AKB48 will participate in a Q&A session and an autograph signing. In addition, they will hold a short concert at the Jacob Javits Center on September 26, followed by a free concert at Webster Hall on September 27.

The announcement did not specify which members of AKB48 will be attending. More details should be coming soon. I now ill be their anyway (at the convention) so ill be sure to take lots off pictures and videos for you guys.I'll try to get an autograph but I seriously doubt it. I remember when T.M revolution came yeah that line was impossible and some people had even camped out the previous day! that's just to much for me.
source:tokyograph, NYAF
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(M/V)SMAP- Sotto kyutto

Check out SMAP's new single Sotto Kyutto (superstar)

This song is very sweet but a tad bit boring to me, maybe I'm just not a ballad person?

If you don't know anything about SMAP here's some wiki knowledge for you "SMAP is a popular Japanese "idol" group, formed by Johnny's Entertainment office. Current members are Masahiro Nakai, Takuya Kimura, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, Goro Inagaki and Shingo Katori. (Please note, names are given here in Western personal name-family name order.) The members of SMAP have dominated the Japanese pop cultural landscape from their musical debut in 1991 until the present time (as of 2005), showing incredible longevity for a manufactured group. They produce not just numerous hit singles, but also star in numerous television variety shows, dorama, commercials, movies, etc. They are almost unrivaled in their immense popularity among younger, and especially female, Japanese."
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(M/V) Cherry Filter- Pianissimo

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Finally! New Cherry Filter check out one of my favorite Krock (Korean rock) bands!

For those new to Cherry Filter, the band consists of 4 members. Youjeen the vocalist, Sonstar the drummer/rapper, Yaenhead Bass guitar, and Jijonbo the leader/electric guitarist. I really like this song I think I've listened to it 3 times already, aigoo time for a break. I'm really glad to see CherryFilter back there needs to be more korean pop and hip hop is good and all, but you need to rock out sometimes.

Singer : Cherry Filter
Album : Vol.5 - Rocksteric
Date : 27 August 2009

01. 異物質 (이물질)
02. 피아니시모 (PIANISSIMO)
03. Morning Rush
04. Rockin Star
05. 사랑한다, 그만보자
07. ORANGE ROAD(New Ver)
08. Right Here
09. 일요일 오후 4시
10. 나를 삼키며
11. From. Paradise

An old Favorite of mine.
Check it out! CherryFilter- Orange road

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Jewelry comback stage+ Hwangbo R2song

Jewelry on Mnet countback performing Bounce, Vari2ty, and Fantastic 4. Plus Hwangbo performing R2song (Arisong).



Other artists that performed were Brown eyed girls, Mighty Mouth, and 2ne1.
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Yunho heading to the ground!

Dong Bang Shin Ki member UKnow YunHo’s debut drama ‘Heading To The Ground’ is set to air on 9th September.

The drama will star Go Ara, Lee YoonJi, Lee SangSoon, Choi MinSung, Kim JaeSeung apart from UKnow YunHo. Two teasers to the drama have been revealed, giving fans a sneak peek into the idol’s debut drama.

The drama is going to be a 16-episode long drama and will be aired on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The drama is about how a man tries to achieve what is thought to be impossible. Which is fulfilling his dreams of becoming a great soccer player. I don't know about you but I can't wait to see this. I have high hopes for Yunho hopefully he doesn't disappoint.
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Jewelry Album release!

Group Jewelry is finally back after 1 year and 6 months and alot of teasers. On August 27th they released their 6th album ‘Sophisticated’ with the title song ‘Vari2ty’.

Tracklist and sample inside!

Album: Sophisticated
Artiste: Jewelry
Release date: 27/08/09
Genre: Pop / Dance

Here's the Tracklist:

1. Bounce
2. Butterfly
3. Vari2ty
4. Strong Girl
5. Oops
6. Fantastic 4
7. Sweet Boy
8. Be Rocker
9. Rally
10. Vari2ty (Inst.)
11. Rally (Inst.)

Check it out!
Jewelry- Bounce

Jewelry- Strong girl

I like the ablum from what I've listened to on youtube. Right now strong girl is my favorite song of the album. It seems jewelry will be added to my zune.
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Han Hyo Joo's sexy dance

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Korean Actress Hyo Joo's new CF is a dance tutorial for the new Samsung Camera ..

Shes worked really hard learning the dance for the CM,but shes still a little stiff. All in all good work, makes you wanna learn it. Who knew she had this diva deep inside her.

Check out her hard work

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SM Entertainment's new girl group - f(x)

Korean talent agency SM Entertainment is going to debut a new girls group called "f(x)" in September. The 'f' in f(x) stands for 'flower' and the 'x' is for the female chromosome..So, I guess it means female flower or female=flower?

This new group is getting a lot of attention because of recent success of another girl group produced by SM Entertainment, SNSD. SM is also the agency for popular stars such as Shinee, BoA, TVQX/DBSK, Super Junior, and others. Also, SNSD's Jessica's younger sister Krystal is a part of f(x). Krystal is already known because of her appearance in Shinee's "Juliette" MV. So you can look her up there.

The company had released a teaser for the debut song "Lachata". Here's a preview:

I wasn't too into the "Lachata" preview at first, but the more I watch it, the more I like it and I like the dance. I'm really interested to see what they can do. Maybe they'll bring a little more originality than many of the girl groups out now, since they're from the same company with top names like DBSK and BoA.

PS: Rain, believe it or not, is also producing a boys group (name currently unknown) that will also debuting in September. Wow, he's really doing everything; singer, actor, designer, ambassador, now producing boy group.

Previous blog post on F(x)
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(M/V) Jewelry- Variety

Jewelry will be back with their 6th album ‘Sophisticated’ on 27th August. Jewelry released the MV to the title song off the album ‘Vari2ty’ today.

Does anyone else see the trend that seems to be spreading?
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Zhang Ziyi for Vogue Korea

Chinese Actress Zhang Ziyi poses for Korea Vogue magazine's September 2009 issue.

Check out the rest of her photos here:

I'm not sure if I like this look for Zhang Ziyi or not. It's a little "different" from what I expect to see from her. I think I picture her a bit more feminine because of most of her acting and modeling roles.

What do you think of Zhang Ziyi's look for Korea Vogue magazine?

Doesn't she look like a 'darker' version of Audrey Hepburn..even a little? no?
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Fure Fure Shojo - Cheer Cheer Cheer!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009
Fure Fure Shojo was directed by Kensaku Watanabe. It debuted in theaters in Japan last year, October 11, 2008.

Aragaki Yui stars in this movie as Momoko: a shy, lonely girl who spends her spare time reading fantasy stories. Then she develops a crush on her high school's star baseball player and makes up an excuse to watch him play everyday. She decides to revive the school's nearly extinct traditional cheer squad to cheer him on. However the only people she can get to join are a bunch of misfits and losers.

Although Momoko never lacks spirit, their cheering begins in disaster and her crush changes school and decides to play for the opposing team. Momoko and other cheer team members then loses spirit, for many reasons, and decides to quit many times. It isn't until they discover the true meaning of "cheering" and develop a new-found passion for it that they begin to truly inspire the people around them.

I really enjoyed this movie. It is a very simple, but heart-warming and inspirational film that shows how much hard work, teamwork and cheering others on can be rewarding in its' own way. I could really feel what the actors were trying to show me. Their spirit while cheering on the team almost made me cry in the end. I would recommend anyone to watch. Also, Aragaki Yui does really well as Momoko; she's definitely an example to follow. I love her! Fure Fure Sa-ku-ra-gi!

Here is the Fure Fure Shojo! Trailer:

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Sakaii Ichii returns

Is it me or does it seem like alot of people are making comebacks lately.Sayaka Ichii (25), once a member of Morning Musume and Pucchi Moni, has come back to show business after nearly six years. Her management agency announced that she is officially active again as of August 25.

Ichii has been preparing her comeback for about half a year. Her training included acting lessons, as she is aiming to build a career as an actress. Although she wants to focus on acting, she will be active as a TV personality and may even resume singing.

Ichii's official blog has already opened. Her first reappearance on TV will be on "Sunday Japon" on August 30. On September 5, she will participate as a model in the Tokyo Girls Collection.

Ichii joined Morning Musume in 1998 as a second generation member along with Mari Yaguchi and Kei Yasuda. The following year, she also became part of Pucchi Moni with Yasuda and Maki Goto. She suddenly graduated from Morning Musume in 2000, then later started a solo singing career.

In 2002, she formed the group "Ichii Sayaka in Cubic-Cross" with guitarist Naoki Yoshizawa and Sharam Q keyboardist Taisei. However, she retired in November 2003 when she revealed that she was pregnant and getting married to Yoshizawa. She gave birth to the first of their two children in 2004.
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New Info Noriko Sakai

New information has been released in the ongoing Noriko Sakai investigation. Some of the details from the past few days suggest that Sakai may have intentionally tried to hide or destroy evidence regarding her drug use before she turned herself in earlier this month.

A sample of Sakai's hair was recently sent for drug analysis. Police confirmed that it tested positive, though the results were still weak. It was also revealed that before her arrest, Sakai had her hair cut reducing the ability of the analysis to accurately determine her drug history. In addition, Sakai dyed her hair, which could have weakened the results by making the drugs more difficult to detect. Sakai has stated that she only began using the drugs last summer, but her husband Yuichi Takaso has said that they started about four years ago.

Police are also still looking for her missing cell phone, which Sakai claims she threw away because it was damaged and unusable. It is believed that the data on her phone, if recovered, will help identify the sources of the drugs.

Meanwhile, Takaso's latest testimony says that the last time he and Sakai used the drugs together was ten days before his arrest on August 3. They and their son had taken a trip to Amami Oshima in the Kagoshima prefecture between July 20 and 30 to observe the solar eclipse. According to Takaso, he had taken some drugs and straws along during the trip.

Takaso has already been formally indicted for drug possession, and is now facing a second charge after the discovery of additional drugs (97 milligrams) at a house in Chiba that belonged to him. It is still not clear whether Sakai will be indicted for the 8 milligrams found in her home, but police may be able to charge her with joint possession of the drugs found at the Chiba house.
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Dirty Eyed Girls!

2am+2pm/BrownEyedGirls= FUNNY!!

You have to see were this is going!
I Just finished ROFL literally.

Dirty Eyed Girls- Abracadabra

This really made me like 2am and 2pm more. I think there the only ones that could have pulled this off. Also if you want to see the real version (BEG) then you can check out the mixpod below. :)
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Gdragon sells 100k!

GDragon's album sales have been increasing at a steady pace since its release. A YG Entertainment representative said on August 25th, “GDragon’s first solo album was released offline later than planned on 21st August. And the album sales as of until 24th is 100K.”

“Currently we are still receiving orders for GDragon’s first solo album. We have ordered for another 200K copies to be manufactured at the factory.”

The Hanteo chart shows that GDragon’s first album has sold over 40K copies. It was the #1 album sales for the week of 18th August till 24th August.

The difference in sales volume reported by Hanteo and YG Entertainment is because their computing methods are different. Hanteo measures nationwide album sales, while the entertainment company measures output volume.
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Just for fun - dogs with eyebrows

Monday, August 24, 2009
Hey, just saw this today and thought the dog was really cute. I really love how the Japanese can make anything funny and interesting..well, to me. Obaa-chan (grandma) was soo cute in the end.."Panda~"

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Yoshiki - recovering from back surgery

Drummer, pianist and founder of popular rock group X Japan, YOSHIKI (43), flew in by helicopter to watch his "Team Yoshiki & Dome Project" car in the Super GT Series race at Suzuka Circuit on Sunday.

Yoshiki was wearing a neck brace and has his left arm in plaster, following surgery in late July in the U.S. on a slipped disc in his spine. He revealed that he would have to get the disk replaced within the next 3 years, and that if nerve damage in his arm did not heal in the next 2 years, then it would be permanent. He said doctors cautioned him not to raise his arms too high or twist his body left and right when practicing drumming.

Still Yoshiki is upbeat, saying the difficulties he faces are nothing compared to when the band split up in 1997 or when guitarist HIDE was found hanged in his apartment the next year.

He spoke of his involvement in the live video website, and said he hopes to put out a best-of album before the end of the year, which will include some new songs he is working on now.

After watching his team car come in 4th, Yoshiki went to see Ise Shrine, also in Mie Prefecture, and prayed for a recovery in his health. Yoshiki also revealed that he has prepared his will given the risks involved with his spinal injusries, and that nearly 1/4 of his assets will be used for the benefit of his long-term fans.

>I also hope for Yoshiki's speedy recovery. His fans love him and I love him too. Just hope he doesn't over-work himself too much and injure himself again.

はやく よく なってね! - Get well soon!
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How much do you like Aragaki Yui?

Aragaki, a native Okinawan, is a Japanese model, actress, singer, and occasional radio show host of Ryukyuan ancestry. Her beauty, smile, personality and fashion sense has gained her a lot of popularity. She is also considered a natural beauty.

She made her debut in 2001 as a model for the junior fashion magazine "nicola", then she was featured on variety shows and comercials such as Glico's Pocky. She has also been in many dramas and movies. My favorites were movie - "Koizora" (Sky of Love)and drama - "Papa to Musume no Nanokakan" (Seven Days of a Daddy and Daughter).

Here's one of Yui's Pocky CM. So Cute!~

She has also won multiple awards, such as five newcomer awards and others for her role in three movies - Waruboro, Tokyo Serendipity, and Koizora (starring Haruma Muira!). Her greatest win yet was the prestigious Golden Arrow Awards in March '08. She won the film prize for acting in three different roles in a year.

She also made a singing debut in 2007, singing the theme song for Tokyo Serendipity, which was included in her 1st album, Sora. Then in 2008, she released 2 singles, 'Make My Day" and "Akai Ito."

Now, she is doing a period movie called "Ballad" with SMAP member Tsuyoshi Kusanagi where she plays a feudal princess. She also hosts "GIRLS' ROCKS!" segment of the radio show "SCHOOL OF ROCKS!" with U-20 idols Horikita Maki, Chiaki Kuriyama, Nana Eikura, Erika Toda, and Riko Narumi.

Recently, Oricon conducted a small survey of 350 high school girls in Japan, asking them young actresses have most caught their attention. Now the results have been published, and the 20-year-old Aragaki Yui came 2nd after Yuriko Yoshitaka.

Here are the rest of the survey results:
1. Yuriko Yoshitaka
2. Aragaki Yui
3. Maki Horikita!
4. Erika Toda
5. Umika Kawashima
6. Haruka Ayase
7. Kie Kitano
8. Mikako Tabe
9. Nana Eikura
10. Kaho

Who is your favorite young actress?

Source - Aragako-yui@blogspot; Wikipedia
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Learn more about B2ST

Cube entertainment's documentary for new Boyband B2ST is now playing on MTV Korea. You can see how the group trains and prepares themselves for their debut.

Episode 1 Part 1/3

Part 2/2

Part 3/3

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New Maki Goto ablum

Former Morning Musume singer Maki Goto (23), has announced the release of a new mini-album, “Sweet Black” (release date: Sept 16), and her plans to start off on a serious solo career. Sweet Black will be her first album release in two years. One track, “Tear Drops with KG,” will be featured as the theme song in a mobile phone drama “Onnya,” starring 23-year-old model Anne.

Goto joined the Avex label in June of last year, and this new album will be a fresh start for the songstress to pour her heart and soul into her music, she said recently in a statement.

Her album will include a DVD with her 3 PVs and a mixi drama, the album itself contains 8 songs including her digital singles “Lady Rise” and “with…”.The limited edition features a 64pg booklet which has pictures related to the album. Hopefully this means avex will nolonger put "sweet black feat" before her name.

Maki Goto- Lady Rise

I have to say I like this song, not the video so much though.

01. Queen Bee with BIGGA RAIJI
02. Lady-Rise
03. Candy
04. TEAR DROPS with KG
05. Mine with KEN THE 390
06. Fly away
07. Plastic Lover
08. with…

01. “Fly away” MUSIC VIDEO
02. “Lady-Rise” MUSIC VIDEO
03. “with…” MUSIC VIDEO
04. mixiドラマ完全版
Source: Maki Goto offical website
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Ryoko Shinohara returns!

Actress Ryoko Shinohara (36) is making her return to television acting with a drama special titled "Hataraku Gon!" This will be her first drama in two and a half years.
Drama Preview Inside!

In "Hataraku Gon," Shinohara stars as Yoshiko Gondawara, a TV news reporter with a reputation for doing tear-jerking interviews. Left by her husband, she was forced to raise her two sons by herself. When she gets assigned to cover a case involving a single mother whose son disappears, she faces a conflict between her personal life and work.

The other cast members include Karina, Jun Fubuki, Yuta Hiraoka, Shintaro Morimoto, Naho Toda, and Ikki Sawamura. The drama will air on NTV this coming fall.

Shinohara's last drama was the popular series "Haken no Hinkaku" in 2007. Later that year, she became pregnant, and in May 2008 she gave birth to her first child.

Check out a cilp from here upcoming drama!

I can't wait to see her new series. Ryoko is a great actress and enjoyable to watch.
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(Teaser)F(x)- Lachata new SM ent. girl group!

A new Sm entertainment girl group, was SNSD not good enough?
Take a Look.

Netizens are saying that they are the female version of shinee, but I don't know if I see that. It looks to me like SM wants to have their own sexy girl group. Now back to the preview their style is interesting, but I don't think I can say I like them just yet. I'll be waiting for more.
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(M/V)Alice Nine-Sleepwalker

Sunday, August 23, 2009

If you like jrock then you'll like Alice nine.
Take a look at their new Mv for their song Sleepwalker.

Alice Nine-Sleepwalker

Alice Nine's "Hana"

I really like these two songs, but I think rainbows is still my favorite.

Their new single Hana contains 3 tracks, depending on which type you get.
1. Hana
3. High and Low

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Sug- 39galaxyz

Just some Jrock for you!
Check out Sug's MV for their new song 39galaxyz- yes that is the title.

They seriously remind me of Lmc (another jrock band). They seem to have alot of fun together, which is what I think makes the video so enjoyable.

A Sug Favorite!

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