(video) Base Ball Bear- Stairway Generation

Saturday, August 8, 2009
New MV Check it out!

Their new song was chosen as the opening theme for the Anime Gintama. Base Ball Bear is a Jrock bad from Tokyo. The members assembled for a one-time performance at a high school culture festival, but decided to continue playing due to how well they were received at the festival and how much fun they were having.The members are Yūsuke Koide vocalist/guitarist, Shōhei Yuasa Guitarist/ unofficial dancer, Shiori Sekine Bass guitarist/chorus you may also recognize her from the movie Linda Linda Linda, and Daisuke Horinouchi Drummer / chorus. I've recently fallen in love with Base Ball Bear. What do you think of them?

Check out one of my Fav's

Also Check out Gintama a very funny anime!

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Shinee Says Goodbye

Shinee says goodbye to Korea with their last performance at todays' Music Core and a very hot performance indeed.

It seems they will be leaving on August 10th to start and promote their new Japanese mini album. Best of luck to them in Japan. I hope one day they can come to the US.

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Kim Hyung Joon (ft. Mellow) - "Hey G"

SS501's Kim Hyung Joon (featuring Mellow) gives "Hey G" live performance today at MBC Music Core.

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Actress Sakai Nariko Update

Sakai (38) former pop idol, has been missing since her husband, Yuichi Takaso (41), was arrested on Monday for possessing amphetamines. Unfortunately, Sakai san was arrested today for drug use. She has admitted to possessing stimulants after appearing at a Tokyo police department.

According to the police, Takaso, her husband, told them thats his wife took drugs and that the drugs found in Sakai's appartment were not his. When she arrived at the station she stated, "I don't remember stimulants being in my room. But if they were there, it must be true."
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Navi, Korea's "Alicia Keys" is back

Called the "Queen of Covers" for doing many R&B renditions of other famous kpop singers like Son Dambi's "Saturday Night," Navi made a very impressive debut of her own in April of this year.

Her comeback single "Heart Damage" featuring rappers Crown J and 2PM's Jaebum. She sings with Crown J in the MV and Jaebum in live shows. Personally, I prefer Crown J =) He fits the character well as the heartless boyfriend who breaks up with her, while she is very emotional.

Navi "Heart Damage" ft. Crown J MV

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Crown J in Seattle - A!

Young Korean rapper Crown J will be hitting up the West Coast and performing in Seattle, Washington next Saturday, August 15th at the King Cat Theater.

He also had performances in Atlanta (of course =)and New York City. Where was I when this happened??? Anywho, for all going to the concert, have a great time..I'm sure you will, he's a great and energetic performer.

Check out Crown J featuring Seo In Young in "Too Much" on reality tv show "We Got Married."

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Bada's Comeback - 4th Album released

Bada/Sea, from the old schoolgirl group S.E.S is back. Her 4th album, to be released on Thursday was leaked the day before on youtube.

Regardless, Bada has collaborated with Untouchable in the title track "MAD" and 2PM's Taecyeon in an upbeat track called "Yes, I'm in Love." Taecyeon is more than enough a reason to listen to this new album =)

Source: Korean Top News

Here's Bada's live performance of "MAD"

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Rain to be in remake of "Enter the Dragon"

Rain might be the star in upcoming remake of Bruce Lee classic "Enter the Dragon." Latino Review has claimed to confirm his participation in this movie. However, "Awaken the Dragon" will not be a complete remake of the original movie.

The remake has been in the works for almost 2 years now, the script has not yet been written and the main role has not yet been chosen. But sources say, after seeing Rain's martial arts skills in "Ninja Assasin," directors were impressed and decided to go with him for the villan, a shaolin monk, being pursued by an FBI agent into the underground fighting world. Read the full article on Latinoreview.com

What do you think of Rain as Bruce Lee? Do you think he can match up to Bruce Lee's character?

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Girl Group Special on SBS Inkigayo

Tomorrow, 2NE1, SNSD, KARA, and 4Minute will come together to perform Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry" and 2PM's "Again and Again," along with some of their own songs.

The Super Junior and 2PM's girl group will feature Hyeoyeon, Yuri, and Jessica from SNSD, SeungYeon and Nicole from KARA, Dara and Minji from 2NE1, and Hyun Ah and Ji Hyun from 4Minute.

I can't wait to see how their performances will be. I always like when the boy groups try singing the girls songs. Boys Generation was so funny and put on a great show. I hope they will be awesome too!

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Yoon Eun Hye's New Drama

Yoo Eun Hye, Yoon Sang Hyun, Jung II Woo, and Moon Chae Won will lead the drama "Lady, Please" scheduled to be aired on KBS2 on August 19th.

This comical drama shows a rich young lady living n her mansion like a princess and her romantic story with the poor butler working in the mansion.

Kang Hye Na, played by Yoo Eun Hye, is an arrogant heiress of the owner of the top financial group "Kangsan Group." Suh Dong Chan, played by Yoon Sang Hyun, disguises as a poor butler aiming to get a secret fun associated with the mansion. Jung II Woo plays Lee Tae Yoon, an elite lawyer working for the largest firm affiliated with Kangsan Grouo. He loves Hye Na, which comes between Hye Na and Dong Chan. He has a kind appearance, but can sometimes show his cold-hearted side.

Moon Chae Won plays Yu Wi Joo who frew up with Dong Chan like real brother and sister and dreams to be a shoe designer.

In the drama, Yoo Eun Hye also sings! She and Yoo Sang Hyun sing an OST for the drama. The title of the song is "I Can't Help Loving You." I didn't know she could sing. I can't wait to hear and watch her in this new drama.

Source - www.soompi.com

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Mighty Mouth - "Love Class" MV

Mighty Mouth released a new album on August 6th, 2009 called "Love Class" featuring Han Ye Seul (한예슬).

Check out "Love Class" featuring 4Minutes Hyun Ah and After School's Uee enjoy =)

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Seo In Young and Park Jungah Model for Baby Phat

Friday, August 7, 2009
Here are some photos of Seo In Young and Park Jungah's Baby Phat modeling debut.

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Seo in Young publishes a book and opens shop

Seo In Young wrote a personal book titles "Seo In Young's Playing with Trends." She says it's nothing personal or an autobiography of the great life she's lived. It's a shopping manual on her personal fashion endeavors. The book is a way to let people know her fashion sense better and maybe take some advice from her.

Fashionista Seo In Young, at 25, is also stepping into the fashion business. We all, or most of us, know her from the kpop group Jewelry or reality tv show "We Got Married" as the one who loves fashion and is always looking for a "new item." She has launched her own store in Korea through Baby Phat, popular urban line women designed by Kimora Lee.

She even said herself that running a "clothing line business was a dream of mine. There were many offers from many companies, but none that interesteed me enough. The United States has a lot of market research for fashion."

In Young took off some time from girl group 'Jewelry' in Korea and headed to the US to "literally catch my breath. After 8 years of Jewelry, it was the first time I felt I could breathe properly..I went to New York and saw a lot of concerts in Las Vegas."

I really like her style and im excited to see her stepping out and trying new things. Fighting!

You can watch her on season 1 of "We Got Married" on mysoju.com
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Wonder Girls at Teen Choice Awards '09

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Wonder Girls will be attending this years Teen Choice Awards on Sunday, August 9th at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, California. They will be walking their first official US red carpet! The show will be airing on Mon, August 10th on FOX. Don't miss it!

Before that, they will also be appearing at Verizon Wireless store in California at the corner of Western and Wilshire, Los Angeles on August 8th from 2-3pm to meet fans and sign autographs. To all you Californians, I'm so jealous! :<
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Ambassador Lee Jun-ki

South Korean actor, model and singer Lee Jun-ki (27), was named the promotional ambassador of the Korea Tourism Organization on Wednesday. Lee has been in a number of films, drama's, and music videos, which has gained him popularity across Asia.
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MC Mong "Humanimal"

Korean rapper MC Mong released his 5th album "Humanimal" on July 23rd, 2009. The only Korean rappers I'd ever listened to were Epik High and Crown J, but I'm starting to love his music too.

This is the 13th track LUV D.N.A ft. Navi. Check it outtt

Here's also a fav of mine from his previous album "Show's Just Begun"
This is 미치겠어 (Going Crazy) ft. M.A.C

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NYC Japan Street Fair to debut at Dayton Madison Avenue Festival

Anime and manga fans can immerse themselves in Japanese culture this month. The NYC Japan Fair annual street fair will make its debut, rain or shine, at Dayton Madison Avenue Festival on Sunday, August 23rd from 11am -6pm. Madison Avenue Festival is one of NY's largest street fairs, spanning 15 blocks from 42nd to 57th st. Japan Fair will be at 43rd and 44th st. It will host a variety of companies specializing in Japanese products and food.

The fair has 40 booths that offer as many Japanese products from Japanese culture as they can: food like okonomiyaki(savory multi-ingredient pancake), merchandise(Japanese towels and manga), performances(martial arts performance) games and activities(goldfish fishing) and much more.

Local Japanese restaurants and companies like Cafe Zaiya, who will be serving very tasty icecream, Washoku Cafe, and Bookoff will be represented and household names like Kikkoman and Otafuku foods will be participating.

Lucky visitors will also have a chance to win round trip tickets to Japan! and be awarded gifts from NYC Japan Fair with special purchases. Awesome! I know ill be there, how about you?
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Have you heard of DNT?

Check them out!

DNT is a 4 member male group. DNT stands for dragon N tiger, why dragon n tiger who knows. DNT's song was produced by a new composer MC Chang Jo Ga and the lyrics by lyricist Eun Jong Tae, who is also known for writing lyrics for SS501's 'Because I'm Stupid', T-Max's 'Paradise', and Lee Soo Young's 'Foxes'. Well what do you think of DNT I haven't heard of them till recently. They really remind me of Shinee.
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Sakai Noriko Missing?!?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Japanese pop singer Noriko Sakai, who has enjoyed popularity in Taiwan and China, has gone missing after her surfer husband was arrested on a drug possession charge, her agent said Tuesday.Sakai (38) has not been seen and has not responded to repeated phone calls and e-mails since police found her husband late Sunday with illegal drugs, said Masahisa Aizawa, president of management agency Sun Music.

"A missing person's report has been filed with the Akasaka precinct (police)," he said in a televised press conference."If Noriko is watching this, please know that we are worried so much and please talk to us," he said.

Sakai, became intensely popular for her girl-next-door image in the 1980s and the 1990s.Japan strictly prohibits the possession of both hard and soft drugs. Drug use by celebrities, entertainers and athletes frequently makes national headlines.


The trail of actress Noriko Sakai, who has been missing since her husband was arrested Monday for allegedly possessing illegal stimulant drugs, went cold Tuesday evening in Yamanashi Prefecture, police said Wednesday.

Following a request earlier Tuesday from her mother-in-law to search for the 38-year-old actress, the police traced her cell phone to Yamanashi before the signal stopped, the Metropolitan Police Department said.

Her husband, Yuichi Takaso, 41, was arrested early Monday after a police officer found a plastic bag containing stimulant drugs in his underwear in Tokyo's Shibuya district.

Sakai, who married the self-described professional surfer in 1998, is believed to have disappeared with their child, according to the police.

The Japan Times
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SNSD car accident


SNSD was in a minor car accident yesterday according to SM Entertainment. The accident occurred while the members were driving home in two separate vehicles and another car attempted to pass the two on the Olympic road. SM also stated, “Fortunately, the minor collision didn’t turn out to be a big accident and none of the members were injured. HyoYeon, who sat in the front passenger seat, was rushed to the nearest hospital to be checked up on the bruises she received from the impact.”

Despite that SNSD will continue their normal schedule august 5th. SNSD is scheduled to attend two afternoon events. MBC's ‘Chin Chin Radio’ hosted by TaeYeon and KBS ‘Super Junior Kiss The Radio.’ SM Entertainment stated, “The physical condition of the members will be carefully examined to ensure their safety.”
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Seo Tai-ji at ETPFEST '09 in Seoul

Rock artist, Seo Tai-ji (38) will be performing at ETPFEST this month. It will be held at the Main Stadium of Jamsil Sports Complex on August 15th.

ETPFEST was founded by Seo and launched in 2001 to bring Korean rock to the next level. It is one of the biggest and most famous rock festivals in Seoul. This festival draws artists such as Seo himself, Epik High, Clazziquai, Marilyn Manson, Death Cab for Cutie, and Dragon Ash.

Even though Seo will be busy touring the nation around the time of the festival, he agreed to make an appearance. This will be his last performance to promote his 8th album.

This is my first experience with Korean rock and I absolutely love it! Check out one of my faves

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G Dragon's fashion for less

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

As we all know G dragon can have some expensive taste. So for all you guys out there, here is how to get his style for less.

side note- guys use your belt properly no one wants to see you underwear.

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Oguri Shun the director

Oguri Shun

Popular Japanese actor Oguri Shun (26) will be trying his hand at directing. Its going to be a big- budget movie project. Filming has already begun with expected release to be sometime next year.

Shun has but one problem he still needs to find a heroine for his movie.

Casting isn't as easy as he thought it would be. The executive of a major entertainment agency has said that “Frankly everyone wants to be in a movie directed by Shun, all of the big actresses are trying to get in contact with him one after another.” Two actresses that would be more then happy to be Shun's heroine are Nagasawa Masami and Ueto Aya.

“Selecting the starring actress turned out to be quite a difficult task to undertake and we already fell behind the schedule because of that. The reason behind it is easy, both Nagasawa and Ueto want to get that role no matter what. Shun is already frustrated and doesn’t know who would be the better choice for his movie.” says the executive.

What I want to know is how can you be filming without having a heroine yet? and what is this movie going to be about? Well Shun is a great actor so hopfully his directing is just as good. Who do you think he will chose? I'm thinking Ueto Aya because she's super popular right now.
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Something funny for ya!

Check out 2pm on A man's Privilege

Trying to teach a group of ajusshis (old men) how to dance was probably harder and funnier then they thought it would be. My favorite part is when 2pm try's to dumb down the dance for them, but they still fail.
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More on Koda - Koda Kumi & Misono

Monday, August 3, 2009

"Koda Kumi and sister Misono join forces for a collaborative rock and dance single." Old news, yes, but still interesting.

Koda Kumi and Misono finally decided to work together to create new CD single, "It's all about love." Although they come from different music backgrounds (Koda-hip hop and Misono-rock/pop), they worked really well together.

When I first listened to the song, it was a weird experience because it didn't seem like Koda's style, but after a while I got used to it and really started liking it. Watch the vid and tell me what you think of this song?

Koda Kumi X Misono - It's all Love!

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Koda Kumi new single 3 Splash

Koda Kumi released her new single 3 splash on July 8, 2009. It includes 3 tracks covering 3 genres. They are "Lick Me,"^^(a summery pop song) Estacy, (a dance song) and Hashire (a rock song).

Her single was #1 on the first day, and stayed at the top, holding #2 spot for 3 weeks.

Have a taste of her new single. Video listing (1.) Lick me, 2.) Estacy, 3.) Hashire. Enjoy!

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Words of the Week - Ordering Food

Here are some simple instructions on how to order food in a Korean restaurant. Go to a Korean restaurant and try it out! Don't be embarassed if the pronounciations' a bit off =)

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Kigurumi Style

Kigurumi is the Japanese name for costumed animal characters. People suited in these costumes can mostly be found at shopping mall, themeparks and anime conventions. Popular costumes are Pikachu, Poo Bear, and Hello Kitty. I really envy the kids in Japan. They can get away with wearing anything. Take a look at this amazingly unique style of costume.

Kigurumi Cosplay, seen here, shows a more humanoid version, which is called a "doller." It's a full body suit that covers the entire body. Mostly, they dress up as school girls or maids, but normal clothing can also be worn. Surprisingly, mostly men dress in this type of costume.

Another type of Kigurumi is the animal pajama, which is more common i think and is apart of Japanese street fashion. The most common are Pokemon and Inuyasha animal characters. So cute!~
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Miyazaki creates another classic

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hayao Miyazaki's movies have always been an amazing experience for me. Like Howl's Moving Castle, Totoro, Spirited Away and Kiki's Delivery Service,he has never failed to make the most wonderful and heart-warming films. They are more than children's movies, but masterpieces that can be enjoyed by viewers of any age.

Ponyo tells the story of a 5-year old boy and his relationship with a goldfish princess who wishes to become human. Ponyo opened in Japan last July and was a big success. The trailer looks nothing less than what i'd expect="" from him. I love the animation and story. It seems exciting.

Disney will be bringing Miyazaki's latest films, Ponyo on the Cliff, in theaters on August 14th. Stars such as Cate Blanchett, Matt Damon and Frankie Jonas will be the voices of the dubbed version to be released this month.

Watch the official US trailer for Hayao Miyazaki's "Ponyo on the Cliff"

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Cosplay Parade!

As part of the three day world cosplay summit, about 500 cosplayers (costume role players) took to the streets of Nagoya, Japan today. The cosplay summit was organized by the Japanese Foreign Ministry and tourism-related organizations based in Nagoya to boost cultural exchanges with other countries through the Japan-originated subculture of cosplay. On Sunday, a total of 30 performers from the 14 countries and Japan will compete for a grand prize. The 14 countries are Australia, Brazil, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Thailand and the United States.

Check out some of the awesome costumes!
The K-on girls are great.
How many characters can you name?
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