Korean Music Festival 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Check out all the performances with comments inside!

Shinee- Scar and Julliete

I always enjoy watching Shinee perform, is it me or do they literally sparkle??

SNSD- Gee and Genie (never noticed the two G's before)

The performance is what I expected.It would have been nice if DBSK could have came, it would have been like an SM night.

Jewelry- Bounce and Vari2ty

I'm really in love with their mini album. A great performance by the girls, I love how their dance is not very difficult but still very sexy. Did you notice the two foreigners as well, I seriously wanna find out how they got tickets! I heard the tickets were gone in a day.

Brown Eyed Girls- Abracadabra

Sexy performance this song never gets old. The only problem I have is with their microphones! During the performance they keep going in and out. I just wanted to give them new ones.

Lee Jung Hyun- Wa and Vogue it girl

She seriously sounds Japanese, even though obviously she speaking Korean. Even the dancing reminds me of Japanese singers. The Vogue girl performance was better then wa to me, a lot more lively and super cute.

FT Island- Love Pain and I hope

Do I even have to say anything its FT Island you know its good. Don't lie to yourself haha. Moving on their songs and performance are always very emotional and enjoyable.

Shoutout to Urasiankpopsource on youtube for all their hard work In uploading all these performances and in HD!
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Jeabum's Last Performance..

Check out 2pms last performance at the 2009 Korean Music wave festival. This performance is after leader Jaebum's myspace comments were revealed, but before he decided to leave.

His 90 degree bow at the end is very heartbreaking to me. I really believe he will come back he is 2pm's only leader. I think he just needs time to clear his head and take a break.
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Asaka Seto, Yoshihiko Inohara having a baby!

Actress Asaka Seto (32),and her husband V6 member Yoshihiko Inohara (33) are expecting their first child. Seto is said to be four and a half months pregnant, with an expected delivery date in March 2010.

Seto finished filming for her drama "Tonari no Shibafu" at the end of last month. She still has some light work scheduled, including a commercial appearance, but after that she will be on maternity leave. You probably remember Asaka Seto as Naomi Misora the ex-FBI agent who tries to avenge the death of her fiance by bringing Kira to justice (Death Note the movie).

Inohara and Seto have been married since September 2007. They first met in 1995 when they worked together on the drama series "Owaranai Natsu." They dated for a while but broke up, then met again five years later in 2004 and got back together.

The pictures are of Seto's Character from Death note.


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Dir en Grey Returns to Nippon Budokan!

Nippon Budokan is a venue for big musical events. It contains three halls which holds 8,000 to about 14,000 people depending on seating arrangements. When Dir en Grey decided to take on Nippon Budokan in summer 2006, tickets were sold out in just 45 minutes! O_oTwo and a half years later, Dir en Grey ventured out and attracted a world audience. It's very likely that this Budokan appearance will sell out in less time than in the past.

The two shows, names for the 2008 album UROBOROS, are called UROBOROS - with the proof in the name of Living..." and will take place early next year, January 9-10th, 2010.  General sales begin October 31st, and no special overseas sales have been announced yet.

Nowadays, Dir en Grey is about ready to wrap up a full year of domestic and European concerts as Tour 09 ALL VISIBLE THINGS runs through to Tuesday, September 15th. All but two (2) out of the ten (10) shows are sold out.

Also, a new DVD AVERAGE BLASPHEMY will be out on October 28th, and is said to have both PV's from the singles on UROBOROS album as well as clips from the recents tours and "making of" footage.The genius behind the production of the included video clip for the song "RED SOIL" is Shirogumi, the visual effects master behing movies like "Returner" and video game CG sequences like those in Tales of Destiny and Dirge of Cerberus - Final Fantasy VII. Just thought that might be good to know =)
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4Minutes' new dance a "daebak"(big hit)?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Group 4Minute is following suit and sets a new dance trend with their "DJ Dance" in their "Muzik MV." 4Minute said recently in an interview, "Our performance this time, the point is the DJ Dance. It is a pose where you are like a DJ and you spin the LP listening to the music."

The dance step is shown in the girls' comeback song "Muzik." It features the girls holding one hand to the ears, and the other hand the spinning action of the LP.

The dance steps are really easy to follow, so it had become a "daeback" or bit hit dance that everyone can do. Besides this, there is also another dance receiving a lot of interest from fans. The "hold my hand" dance which shows the girls spreading their arms and signaling the opposite party to hold the hand is supposed to be another highlight of the song.

I'm not really a big fan of 4Minute, but I recognize them for working so hard. At first I really didn't like their style, but now I'm kinda getting into it and "Muzik" has a nice beat and I like the video.

What do you think about their new dance? It's not as catchy to me as Baek Ji Young's dance in "My Ears Candy" but it's definitely easy to follow. Do you think it will be a bit hit?
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Do As Infinity returns!

Do As Infinity has not produced an album for almost four and a half years since their "Need Your Love" album. Finally, they have returned and will be releasing their 7th album "Eternal Flame, which will be out on the same day as the VAMPS single, September 30th. It will also be in CD+DVD format.

The album will include the singles Umareyuku Monotachi e and MERAMERA along with 10 new tracks, making 12 in total. Two of their songs will be featured in an anime and a drama. "Saigo no GAME will be the opening theme to anime "Hikaru no Go: Selection" "Piece Of Your Heart" will be the opening theme to the drama Genki no Derukoi.

The CD+DVD version will come with a first-press bonus of a documentary included on the DVD. The first-press extra included in the CD-only version will be a bonus track.

CD Tracks
1. Eternal Flame
2. Saigo no GAME
3. Perfect World
4. Mei no Naki Kakumei
6. Feelin' The Light
8. Piece Of Your Heart
9. Kitakaze
10. his hometown
11. Honoo
12 Umareyuku Monotachi e
13. (Bonus Track) Tangerine Dream ~10th anniversary~ (first-press CD-only version)
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VAMPS new single "Sweet Dreams"

Only four months ago, the VAMPS released their single EVANESCENT. Now they will be releasing theit 4th single titled "SWEET DREAMS," which will be out on September 30th. It will come in CD+DVD format

SWEET DREAMS was originally included on the bands self-titled debut album, but it was planned to be released as a separate single. The single will only have two tracks, the title track "Sweet Dreams and its acoustic version. Both tracks will be included on the DVD as PV's.

Stay tuned for more info on the single when it is released on September 30th.


1. Sweet Dreams
2. Sweet Dreams (acoustic)
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Lee Hyori i30 Showcase in China (MV/CF)

Thursday, September 10, 2009
Remember Lee Hyori's CF for the Hyundai i30 with Wilber Pan? Here's the Hyundai i30 Showcase in Beijing, China, showing the Music Video "As Long As I Love You" and the CF.

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Brown Eyed Girls on "Public Transport"

First, there was FT Island's version, then Kara followed suit a weekend later. Now, On September 13th, the Brown Eyed Girls will be joining their fellow idol groups with their release of the "Public Transport" song on SBS Inkigayo!

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could bump into the Brown Eyed Girls on the street? Well, for their campaign efforts, the Brown Eyes Girls will be shown taking some kind of transportation around downtown Seoul, where they will spend their time relaxing, shopping, and indulging in snacks. During the last few days of recording, the girls stated that they found their journey around downtown Seoul to be joyful and rewarding. Compared to the rest of what their scheduled time looks like, it seems the girls will have a breather recording their campaign while revealing a cuter, more rested side of them.

Also, fans can expect to see a close battle between BEG and G-Dragon this weekend on Inkigayo! Will the BEG reclaim their spot for # 1 or will G-Dragon be hard to beat? Watch and see what the outcome will be.

Here's FT Island's version of Public Transport:

AND Kara's version:

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What's new with Lee Hyori?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lee Hyori has been preparing for her comeback album which is due to be released in late October. Preparing for her album though hasn't been the only thing she's been doing this summer. She was also starring in CF's, photo shoots, Music Videos, variety shows and even seen out in a few public events.

The month of August was the busiest for her. She starred in 2 CF's (Hyundai i30 with Wilber Pan as well as her Interpark CF seen here)In the Interpark CF Hyori recaptured her youthfulness and adorable side, which is a big contrast to her current mature and sexy image. She also did a photo shoot for the Hyundai i30 CF where she posed in..well, Hyundais.

Here is a photo from the Hyundai photo shoot

Her photo shoots featured her in Fall/Winter issue of Top Girl where she resembled a Chic Rocker. Her 2nd photo shoot for September issue of Nylon included Yoon eun Hye, Han Hyo Joo, Park Ye Jin and Han Hye Jin. The 3rd photo shoot was for Guess' Red Promotion line alongside 4 lucky males seen in the photo above.

She also appeared in various videos, such as LeeSsang ft. Ryu Seung Bum "Man Who Can't Break Up" MV and more. Along with her obviously busy schedule, she has been starring as a judge in the talent show, Superstar K and variety show, Family Outing.
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D'espairs Ray Free Concert! New Song!

In celebration of their tenth anniversary, D’espairsRay will be holding a free concert at SHIBUYA-AX to go along with their new single, FINAL CALL. This will be their first single released on a major label, Delicious Deli Records, an imprint of Universal Music Japan. Delicious Deli, launched on January 1, 2009, describes itself as “Japanese music in Western music.”

It goes on to explain: “Started with the vision of showing Japanese musicians to the world, and bringing Western musicians to Japan, and promoting a means of world-wide collaboration between Japanese and Western artists.” Labelmates for D’espairsRay include Uchusentai NOIZ and light rock act, fu-ca.

To get into the concert, you’ll still need a ticket from the venue. Free tickets will be distributed at SHIBUYA-AX from noon on the day of the show until enough tickets have been given out to reach the venue’s capacity (about 1500 people). The concert starts at 19:09 (7:09pm), going with the theme of nines for the day, with and doors open at 8.

D'espairs Ray- Final Call

See D’espairsRay’s oneman at Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall, the band’s first live at a hall-sized venue, on October 1. Ticket pre-orders started Monday, September 7, (general sale opened on September 8). And of course, D’espairsRay is also participating in the highly anticipated V-Rock Festival(will have more info soon), which takes place October 24 and 25. Man I seriously wish I could go, if anyone gets to please share your experience with us! we would love to hear how it was.

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Superfly Takes #1

Solo unit Superfly released a second album last week, titled "Box Emotions." The album sold 214,000 copies to take the #1 spot, ending Arashi's two-week streak at the top. Superfly now has two consecutive #1 albums starting with her debut, last achieved by NEWS in 2007. Among female artists, the last one to accomplish the feat was Chitose Hajime in 2003.

Crystal Kay's best album ranked 3rd on the charts, followed by American singer Ne-Yo. Beni Arashiro (now known as just BENI) was #5 with her latest album. The other new releases in the top ten were Ayaka Hirahara (#6), a "K-On!" soundtrack (#8), Base Ball Bear (#9), and hip-hop group AK-69 (#10). I had to laugh at Ne-Yo being #4, its like he just popped out of no where. Moving on boy band V6 released their 3rd consecutive (23rd total) number-one single, selling 63,000 copies of "GUILTY."

Album: Box Emotions
Song:  恋するこい(ひとみ)しい


I absolutely love her voice 100%.

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Sandara's kiss

Check out Sandara (2ne1) and Lee Minho (actor) in the new cass beer CM. Featuring Sandara song kiss.

I enjoyed watching Sandara in this. I wonder if shes done acting before because this was alot better then I expected. My favorite part is when she slaps him haha.I also heard the two kissed over 100x for this, yeah I don't believe that.
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Messages to Jaebum...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I think ill just let today be about 2pm, because I'm too sad to talk about anything else. I still can't believe that he's no longer with 2pm and over something so stupid. I hope he comes back and that this is only temporary because its simply not the same without him. 2pm fighting!

Messages and how you can help inside.

Message from the writer of HotBlood:

I can't believe the first program that you had to do was 'Hot Blood' even though you didn't adapt to the Korean culture at the time...

Now that I think of it, everything that you had to go through at the island.. it must have been so hard....

We had to make you sing traditional Korean songs (pan sori) make you wear army uniforms and crawl around the mud. Teach you the basics of dado (tea ceremony) and etiquette... make you work until your voice became hoarse...
I can't believe those were all part of your first debut program...

And the fact that I was the writer that created this harsh program.....
Although I am very sad and my heart is breaking, I think it was a good thing..
that even though you had to go through all that, you worked hard, tried to learn more.. and in the process, I believe that you have grown and matured...

Then, as if you wanted to show this progress, you made your debut, and even though it was a short time, you were able to give joy and laughter to your loving fans and audience... The time that you spent in Korea, I just hope that it wasn't all just a time of hardships and pain...

I wonder what you are thinking inside the plane, on your way to your mother's side? Your heart must be heavy and complicated right now... and this may be a selfish request...... but please don't hold a grudge against this place.. where you have your roots......

And just as you have emerged from the rough and difficult process before I hope that you will someday come back...

I am now just regretting why I couldn't do more for you...

ah....tears come to my eyes.....

Message from Boom:

I will hug you................

My heart is hurting very much
My heart feels like it's being torn apart because he is a dongseng that I love
Because I believe and love my dongseng I believe that he will return with a better appearance
Today my heart is hurting very much
Jaebeom, hyung will work harder so that when you return I can protect and hug you with a warmer embrace
Please return healthy.........
I love you.................

- Boom's Cyworld -

Go here for more messages and a petition you can fill out and send to JYPE.

For an online petition click here the goal has been met but you can still sign! the more the better!
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Jaebum's Message..

This was Jeabums message that he posted before his departure....

[Jaebeom] This is Jaebeom.

Hi this is Jaebeom from 2PM.

I'm sorry to say my goodbye words like this.

I'm feeling too sorry to meet you guys on stage anymore. I truly apologize to everyone, especially to the fans who gave me whole support and love.

From today on, I'll be out of 2PM. I'm sorry to the 2PM members for not being able to give strength as a leader and Hyung and having to leave like this. But, please keep it up.

Again, I'm very sorry.

- Jaebeom -

This is all just too sad.
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Jeabum leaves Korea!

Due to the offending posts that JaeBum posted on his MySpace page on occasions in 2005 and 2007, there was much unhappiness from Koreans and netizens. And in the end, Jeabum has decided to leave Korea.

More Info plus departure video...

Sports Seoul had a last interview with JaeBum on 8th September before he leaves for his hometown Seattle. And the first words that came out from his mouth were, “I’m sorry, so sorry”.

JaeBum said, “I’m just sorry to the fans who have shown so much love all this while and to the members who have followed and believed me. I’m so sorry for leaving this way. I’m decided to leave the team because as a leader I was not responsible and was a burden to my team instead.”

While he talked, JaeBum’s expressions and emotions built up. From that, it can be seen that he has gone through a lot all this while.

And when asked about his plans after returning to the States, he said, “After going back to the States, I’ve plans to continue studying music. I’ll also reflect on myself. I want to show everyone a more matured side of me in terms of person and music.”

Meanwhile about, 400 fans have gathered at the airport 3 hours before his flight. And at 5.30pm, JaeBum was seen at the departure area. And fans were calling out to him, “Don’t go, don’t go”. Many fans were seen tearing.

I really hope he comes back soon and that this doesn't mean he's leaving 2pm. I've read the comments but I really don't understand all this rage. I can understand people being upset the comments were dumb and rude at best. But some people have been calling for him to commit suicide and disappear which is far worse. Also people need to understand that this was 4 almost 5 years ago when he was young, in a foreign land alone not knowing if it was going to pay off or not. I really want to know what JYP has to say I hope he makes a statement or something soon, to clarify whats happening for all us fans.

How sad I hope he comes back soon as a part of 2pm.
interview source:kbites
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New kpop boyband! Shu-I

Monday, September 7, 2009
And you thought their were to many girlgroups in Kpop. A new 5-member idol boyband SHU-I(슈 아이, pronounced as Shoo-a-ee) is set to debut and they will be revealing their debut digital single ‘BOMB BOMB BOMB’ on 11th September.

The group name SHU-I is the short for ‘So Hot Union of Idols’ (yes that's what it means) they have been preparing and training to be debut for 2 years and in Chinese it also mean 帥(そち) (shuai) or goodlooking – pointing to the plans for this group to venture into the Asian stage.

SHU-I members you may have already seen on various broadcast shows like ‘JinShil game’, ‘Introducing Star’s Friend’, and ‘꽃미남 아롱사태’ – with members HyungJoon, main vocal MinHo, JinSeok, ChangHyun, leader InSeok. SHU-I will start promoting from mid-September. I'm looking forward to hearing what "bomb.." will sound like.
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Wonder Girls Updates

The WonderGirls have now ended their concert performances on their concert tour with the Jonas Brothers. They had been performing in the concert tour with the American band Jonas Brothers in Portland since June 27th and ended their tour with 46 performances on August 31st. So, what's next?

Park Ji Young (JYP), WonderGirls producer, is currently working on 2PM's 2nd album set to be released in October. Meanwhile, the WonderGirls will be doing promotions in China towards the end of this year. They will do a concert in China, which will help them to advance into the Chinese music market after having much success advancing in America. The plans for their advance are still in discussions and no details have been confirmed just yet.

Before advancing in the Chinese market, Wondergirls will be having a comeback in Korea. They will be returning to meet their Korean fans.

Wondergirls also talked about their experience in the U.S. during the concert tour. They said, "We are very happy to be on that big stage with Jonas Brothers and we enjoyed every day."

When asked about the difference between Korea and America, they said, "Korea is smaller. over here the place is so big you have to travel by car to go to different places. And because there are not a lot of people who know us, it is more convenient and comfortable to move around."
"In Korea, because many people know us, it is hard to move around. And also it is okay to do without makeup."

Finally, when asked about their future plans, they said, "After our concert tour end, we will head back to New York to work on our new album. And the album will come out around October-November. And end of this year, we will do a concert in China."
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Yet Another Girl Group! - "Lady Collection"

YG Entertainment has just revealed their plans to debut yet another girl group. They will be known as "Lady Collection."

Lady Collection will be a 3-member vocal group. Only one of the members have been confirmed. She is the one seen in the picture, JiEun (JC), who had initially debuted 2 years ago. All 3 members are said to have smooth and extremely powerful vocal abilities..ooo

Lady Collection's first mini-album will be released on the 17th of this month. So keep your ears and eyes open for any updates about this group.

I think I've said this before, but is it me, or are there a lot of girl groups debuting lately?

Are you excited about their coming or are you just sick of all the girl groups already?
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SBS Inkigayo- Gdragon and 2ne1

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Gdragon wins his first Mutizen! 2ne1 performs pretty boy!
video and comments on both inside.

I liked how 2ne1 danced and cheered him on after he one. It seems the YG family is very good to each other.

Great performance by the girls, I only had two problems with it the hooker boots, and do they forget how old Minzy is shes only 15!? The boots I can get over since they danced fine and didn't seem to have a problem, but Minzy is only 15. Yet she is always the one that dances the sexist. Now that I think about it the two youngest ones (Cl,Minzy) are like the oldest ones on stage you would think the other too are the youngest. ]
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The Best kpop mashup!

This is hands down the best kpop mashup I've ever heard. Check it out!

I love how everything flows together, as if nothing was altered. For more remixes check out www.masamixes.com or double click the video for his youtube.
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(M/V) w-inds "Rain is Falling (Ft. Big Bangs' GDragon

Just an interesting find from my late night web-surfings - This is the music video GDragon created with Japanese boy-band w-inds. It's cool to see GDragon be apart of Japanese pop. I'm not familiar with w-inds though, I think they were popular 5 years ago, but maybe they're still big in Japan. I wasn't expecting the whole song to be in English, but it's kinda catchy..has a hint of disco.

What do you think about this w-inds/GDragon pairing?
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