(M/V) Bigbang-Let me hear your voice

Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Japanese Bigbang music video! for their song Koe wo kikasete (let me hear your voice).
check it out!

Bigbang- Koe wo kikasete

This video is incredibly plain, so much so it hurt. I like looking at Bigbang as much as everyone else, but I really wanted something to happen. Come on drive a car, walk down a street, give me something this barely held my attention. Compared to their other MV's this one is seriously weak, with it's bland colors and repetitive close up's. I still love Bigbang but It needed more a lot more. Did anyone else notice the random clip of Taeyang running whats up with that it didn't even match ugh. The more I think about it the more it aggravates me.
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(M/V) GDragon- Butterfly

Gdragons new music video "Butterfly" off his first solo album.
It'll make you feel warm inside check it out!

Being a computer art major I was in love with this video before it even started. The video really complements the song and they flow together nicely. Ah the art is just wonderful I can watch this over and over again Enjoy!

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Super Junior M

Sunday, November 1, 2009
Super Junior M (China), not to be confused with Super Junior (Korea) but very similar, is getting really hot in China right now with their new hit song "Super Girl" seen here:

Super Junior M's - "Super Girl"

Suju-M is formed with five original Suju (Korea) members plus two more Chinese members. No wonder this song had very Super Junior-ish dance moves and sound. For those who aren't so familiar with Chinese pop (ex: Linda =P), I think this song would be a great start. I love it! Read More......