(M/V)Girugamesh- Border

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Not a new release but new to us. Check it out Girugamesh "Border" how do you like their new sound?

Girugamesh- Border

I really like their new sound. Its not to different to me, when I hear it I still think Girugamesh. This MV came out in July don't know how I missed it apologies to the readers. Girugämesh has new news to share so forgive us haha. The band is preparing to kick off 2010 with a Premium Oneman Show held at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST. Meanwhile, the final installment of three consecutive singles, Crying Rain, has yet to be released. The date has been set for October 7 with a CD-only and additional DVD version available can't wait!

Girugamesh- Alive

Psssh Had to post my favorite Girugamesh song. For those who have longed for Girugamesh accessories the wait is over. Girugamesh and has come together with Design skins to provide you with customized Girugamesh on your electronics even dining from table O_O- that deserved a face. You know you wanna check it out.
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Dir en Grey US tour dates!

Dir en Grey,Japanese rock,jrock,japanese

Wednesday Dir en grey announced a complete list of dates for their upcoming tour in November. The tour consists of ten shows in North America and one in South America.

Dir en grey will start off in Houston and Dallas on November 2-3, before going to Sao Paulo, Brazil, on November 8. They will then play three shows in New York whooho, followed by stops in Chicago, Englewood (Colorado), West Hollywood (for 2 shows), and San Francisco.

More information is available here check it out!

Here's some clips of them from last year when we saw them in new york. They were great but the crowd was murder.

New York Dir en Grey 2008

Great concert except for the pushing we were so close to front but couldn't even enjoy it. Next time we'll just stand on top if moshing is your thing you'll be fine.

These clips were taken from the side. We had to get out of the center. I fell down from the pushing which sucked, but I still love Dir en grey.Enjoy!

Just decided to add another one. This ones awesome.
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Arashi Challenge week!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This November, the five-member boy band Arashi will celebrate their 10th anniversary. In celebration NTV has announced an "Arashi Challenge Week" for this fall. The group's members will appear on the network's major shows for a full seven days, culminating in a live broadcast special.

At least one Arashi member is scheduled to appear on each of the programs, which range from "Zoom In!! SUPER" in the morning to "NEWS ZERO" at night. The other shows include "Jinsei ga Kawaru Ippunkan no Fukaii Hanashi," "Majotachi no 22 Ji," "Guruguru Ninety-Nine," "Kinyo Roadshow," "Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen," and "Gyouretsu no Dekiru Houritsu Soudanjo." The total running time of all of the shows is expected to be more than 50 hours. Thats alot of Arashi but whos complaining.

On the last day, all five members will appear on a live special. The special is planned to include a new segment of the "Can we get to Tokyo Bay by boat?" series. The series experiments with boats made from different materials, such as toy building blocks, but has always ended with the boats sinking. The special will also feature musical performances by the group and some past video footage. I'm looking forward to watching.
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2pm flash dance!

Very well done, If I was there I would have joined in. My favorite is the lady who looks like she just came from work.
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Asian song Festival- Gackt

Monday, September 21, 2009

Check out Gackt at the 2009 Asian song festival! He performed his songs Ghost and Redemption.

Gackt is one of my favorite Japanese artists. His voice is always amazing.

I really wanna see the whole thing in high quality, am I spoiled haha. Even though this is pretty good especially for a cell phone camare( I'm guessing).

Funny sidenote

Check out Hee Chul's reaction to Gackt hahaha. This is what he posted on his cyworld afterword.

Yesterday, I...

really saw Gackt..
This was in 2007 I believe just thought it was funny.
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(M/V)Gdragon- "Breath"


Check out Gdragons new video for song "Breath" off his first solo album.

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Shin-Chan creator falls to death.

On Saturday, a body was discovered below the Tomoiwa cliff of Arafune mountain in the Gunma prefecture. The next day, determined it to be that of mangaka Yoshito Usui (51), who was best known as the creator of "Crayon Shin-chan."

Usui had been reported missing since September 11, when he left for one of his frequent hiking trips in Gunma but did not return. He had told his family that he was planning to climb the Arafune mountain, which is more than 1,400 meters tall.

Usui's body was discovered on Saturday by another climber, about 120 meters below the Tomoiwa cliff. It appears that he accidentally fell from the cliff on the afternoon of September 11 and died from the injuries sustained upon impact. Authorities found his belongings nearby, including a digital camera and a backpack that contained his mobile phone and wallet.

The body was recovered from the mountain by helicopter on Sunday afternoon. An examination of the body found that it matched Usui's, and his family further confirmed his identity.

Usui, whose actual given name was Yoshihito, debuted as a manga artist in 1987 with "Darakuya Store Monogatari." In 1990, he started "Crayon Shin-chan," which has become widely popular in Japan and internationally. An anime series based on the manga has been on the air since 1992 and has had a theatrical film released every year since 1993.

Although nothing has been officially decided yet, it seems likely that the anime will continue, based on comments by people involved in its production. Other popular shows, such as "Sazae-san" and "Doraemon," both continued after their creators' deaths.

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