Namie Amuro Fashion

Saturday, August 22, 2009
You can also get two of Namie Amuro's looks from her "Do Me More" MV.

The outfits show two sides to Namie Amuro. The first look is more fantasy and girly, while the second outfit shows a more sleek and sexy Amuro. I like both outfits, but I prefer the first look because I'm more of a girly girl. Which one do you like more?

I couldn't find the exact dress, but here's something almost as nice.

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Preview Cube ent. new boy group.

Check out B2ST!

This song is sung by B2St. I do not know the title. I didn't know So-1 was in this group, for those who don't know he is he tried out for big bang but didn't make it. He was a really good singer so I'm happy to see him doing something else. Hopefully he got over his incredible shyness which is why he wasn't chosen before.
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Koda Kumi concert in Taiwan!

Koda Kumi will perform two consecutive nights September 3rd and 4th in Taiwan.Ticket info here for those interested. You will want to do a Google translate page if you don't understand Taiwanese.

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Asia song festival tickets going fast!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Its said that 20K tickets to 2009 Asia Song Festival has been given out within 3 hours. This really shows how great the interest is for this year’s Asia Song Festival.

The first window for free ticket downloads took place on the 21st of August. From 12pm on Asia Song Festival's official website ( It says that all the free admission tickets for the 1st round was given out in 3 hours.Since there are so many inquiries by fans for more tickets there will probably be another window.

For more on Asia song festival read our other blog entry here.
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Wolverine/Ironman anime?

You have got to see this.
check it out!


Doesn't this remind you of Devil may cry?


I can't wait for the animes to come out!

Marvel and Madhouse teamed up to create four all-new anime versions of classic Marvel super heroes.The trailers were first seen at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. The other two animes have yet to be announced, who do you think they should do? I think Ms. Marvel could make a good anime.
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Cyworld Digital Music Awards

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The 36th and 37th Cyworld Digital Music Awards kicked off Seoul Grand Park on August 20th.

The winner of the 36th Song of the Month was Outsider's "Alone." The 37th winner for the same award was 2NE1's "I Don't Care." Including ther Sogn of the Month Award, 2NE1 has now received 4 awards which are: 34th Song of the Month (Lollipop), 35th Song of the Month (Fire), and the 35th Rookie of the Month.

Winner of the 36th and 37th Rookie of the month awards were 4minute (Hot Issue) and Supreme Team (Naman Moreuge) ft. T respectively.

Here is a video of the event: 2NE1 at Cyworld interview

Here are some photos from the event:



2NE1: CL is so silly here

Source - Soompi
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Park Hyo Shin Returns

Park Hyo Shin is getting ready to come back with a new album. Yesss! He hasn't released an album since his 5th album in 2007. If you forgot who he is, let me refresh your memory. He is a ballad singer that has an incredibly husky voice that just makes your heart melt.

You can watch him here, singing Mika Nakashima's "Snow Flower" (Nunuekkot) from the drama I'm Sorry, I Love You. I love this song. Amazing isn't it?

He recently signed a record deal with Jelly Fish Entertainment (weird name), where another singer Sung Si-Kyung belongs, and is now ready to restart his music career. Park's agent said that Hyo-Shin's participation as a guest vocal in the debut single of Hwang Project in last November led to the recent album contract. His new album "Gift" will be released early September and he will hold a concert in October celebrating the 10th anniversary of his debut.

Source - Soompi
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Song Battle: Hwayobi & Fly to the Sky

I was watching this earlier this week and I thought it was really cute and funny, especially towards the end of the video. In the beginning Hwayobi dedicates Kara's "Honey" to her boyfriend Sleepy from the group Untouchable.

In the end, the boys from FTTS or Fly to the Sky sing new lyrics to their song "Heartbreaking." it was funny because they were singing about how even though they had spent a lot of time to prepare their new album, nobody cared about them because of all the girl groups that debuted and made comebacks this summer, like SNSD, who ranked 1st for 9 weeks! and then Kara. At least they can laugh about it =)

Check it out!

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(M/V)E.via- Hey

Check out this korean rapper, yes rapper don't let the above caption fool you!
Check her out!

My favorite part is in the beginning when all the guys are looking at her like What the____?
What do you think of this rapper? I really like the way she raps and how fast she does it. Shes as good as CL to me.
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Big Queens- Its alright

Seriously so many videos today, I hope you enjoy them all! Back to business as you can probably tell this is not an M/V for the light hearted.
Check it out!

I think this is one of my favorite videos now. The acting is seriously good and whoever directed this is really creative. The beginning of the video and the feel of the rest of it really remind me of the movie Thirst.In the way that its dark and disturbing at times, but you can't look away.
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(M/V) Brave brothers feat Son dambi- Invisible

Finally out Brace Brothers feat Son dambi!
Check it out!

hhhmm I think I like the beat more then the song, but since its a techno song I guess the words don't really matter? I also feel like they could have used Son Dambi more she didn't do to much. She didn't even really dance. Also why are the girls in the beginning bleeped?
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(M/V) B2Y debut! - jeez

New Korean Group B2Y music video release!
Check it out!

Their name B2Y stands for Babyboys To Yearninggirls 비투와이 - 나. 원. 참! (Jeez!). The members consist of 2 guys and 2 girls. Their names are Jin Woong (한연), Rika (리카), Nara (나라), Han Yeon (진웅). Their first miniablum is set to come out August 21st 2009.

I'm ok with them, I think the song is cute can't wait to hear more from them. Oh it reminds me a little of Yazima Beauty Salon, I dont know why lol. If you don't know who they are just such it on our blog it'll make you laugh.
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Aya Ueto urges people to see Astro Boy

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Actress Aya Ueto, 23, showed off her dubbing skills this week when the media were invited to a studio in Azabu-judan, where she is busy providing the voice for Astro Boy in the Japanese language version of the upcoming movie, titled "ATOM" in Japan.

Ueto said that she had a lot of fun being the voice of Astro Boy but that her throat would dry up after putting her all into the role, adding that it would her most challenging dubbing voice gig yet. I can imagine..just listen to the voice in the original video. She also said: "It's a bit of a tear-jerker this one. I hope people go see it and have a cry."

I generally don't like movies that make me sad or cry, but it's supposed to be good, so I think i'll see it.

"ATOM" open in cinemas on October 10th. I hope you all go see it!

Here is the US official trailer for Astro Boy: I really don't like the commentary in the beginning, but this will have to do for now.

Here is the original Japanese animation. It's a little weird. Maybe because I'm not used to classic cartoons like this, but still very interesting.

Astro Boy (1960) - Episode 1: The Birth of Astro Boy. Enjoy!^_^

AND the modern version of the same episode. I think it's the 1st Astro Boy series created in full color:

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After School Updates

After School debuted as a 5-member group early this year, later making it a 6-member group when Uee (dubbed the 'Friend,' because of her connection with WonderGirls' Yoobin) joined the group.

After School has had 4 singles this year. The only one I've heard is their 1st single "AH!" which I really liked because of the upbeat techno-sh beat. Their 2nd single was called "Diva". It was also an upbeat and dancey song. Then "Dream Girl," which was a cover song to Morning Musume's "Love Machine." Their 4th single was a special Pledis Entertainment group special song called "Amoled", featuring Son Dambi. The song was for a special CF for the latest Samsung HP Model phone called AMOLED.

The busiest member of After School these days seems to be Uee. I've been hearing a lot more about her. Uee has been shooting 2 episodes for the new kdrama 'Queen Seon-duk' and the popular variety show "We Got Married." She has also done a pictorial for Cosmopolitan's September issue of the magazine along with fellow member GaHee. She was also featured in Mighty Mouth's new music video "Love Class." She will ALSO be appearing in a new CF along with Boys Over Flowers Lee Min Ho and Kim Hyun Joong.

Uee wont be getting all the attention. All the rest have doing a photoshoot for Forever 21. JooYeon, SoYoung, and JungAh were busy doing a new rap duo, for Sunny Side's MV for their song 아포죠. The music vid has 2 versions. After School members have also been occupied promoting their new single,the phone, and some of their other songs at festivals and events like The Dungeon Fighter Festival, Lotte vs. Softbank baseball game and 2009 World Taekwondo Hanmadang.

This is the recording studio version of Sunny Side's 아포죠. Unfortunately the other version was removed from youtube. Check it out!

After School will also be competing for the best newcomer award this year along with 2NE1, 4minute, T-ara, and Brand New Day.
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(SKorea)Music shows canceled this week

Now that the date has been set, for the funeral of South Korea’s ex-president Kim DaeJoong. The 3 major broadcasting companies KBS, SBS and MBC have proceeded with their decision of airing no shows or comedies on their channels.

List of shows that will not be aired:

MBC- music Journey LaLaLa 19th
MBC- Show Music Core 22nd
MBC- Gag Ya 23rd
KBS- Music Bank 21st
SBS- Wootchatsa 20th
SBS Inkigayo 23rd

Programs that will be aired:

MBC- Golden Fishery
MBC- Infinite Challenge
MBC- Sunday Night
SBS- Family Outing

Ex-president Kim DaeJoong was hospitalized last month on the 13th with pneumonia symptoms. He recieved treatment, but passed away on 18th August at 1.43pm. The funeral ceremony will be held on 23rd August.
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2pm new ablum in works and ELLEgirl

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2pm's back to work!

The ‘Beastly Idols’ 2PM, will make a comeback in autumn. A JYP member revealed that 2PM will be coming back around the middle of October with a new album. They will come back with a more explosive performance and also with their great charisma. I don't know about you but, I can't wait to see what JYP has instore.

Remember these photos?
prepare for picture spam, the good kind.

Yes! these are the photos of 2pm taken on mnet's wild bunny (their show). The best photos taken that day will be in the September issue of ellegirl magazine. To bad Teacyeon wasn't there. My favorite photo is Junho's it looks very pirates of the Caribbean.

Sidenote- For those who want to know the picture of JYP and 2pm is from JYP's twitter account.

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(M/V)Gdragons "Heartbreaker"

Check out Gdragons Heartbreaker from his first solo album.
Also more on the plagiarism conflict.

I have to say this is alot cooler then I thought it would be. When I first saw the concept photos, I was shocked like everyone else. Gdragon with blond hair and pale lipstick what?!? why?!? but he didn't disappoint me. I seriously want his headphones and shades.

Latest information on the plagiarism conflict:

The company in Korea that holds half of the copyrights to the song ‘Right Round’ with Warner has said, “If we look at the song as a whole, we do not think that ‘Heartbreaker’ plagiarized that of ‘Right Round’.”

The head of the company said, “We do not know if there is a part to the rap which sounds similar. The climax and highlight to the song are different. The melody to both of the songs are different.”

“With this reason, we cannot say that the song plagiarized that of ‘Heartbreaker’. There are so many cases of artistes getting inspiration from one another lately. If we are going to rule the song plagiarism just because it has some parts which feel the same, then many artistes and producers will fall into serious censorship.”

The person continued, “Whether the song has committed plagiarism the final decision lies in the original composer. Before they confirm that, we cannot rule the song as plagiarism.”

There are about 10 people in charge of the original composing and lyrics to ‘Right Round’. This includes the person who came up with idea of the rap, the person who wrote it, and the different people who composed the melody.

Will all of these people really agree to suing Gdragon, for the first 30 seconds of his song kind of sounding like "right around". I seriously doubt it, but the media loves a story. Gdragons rep has said “Like our initial stand, we said that everyone should listen to whole song and not just 30s before talking about plagiarism. This song is not plagiarism, we hope everyone gives support and love to the song.”

sources:kbites, naver, news.nate

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GLAY 15th Anniversary Special Live 2009 - "THE GREAT VACATION"

Monday, August 17, 2009

Popular rock band GLAY rocked Nissaon Stadium in Yokohama over the weekend, spending about 1.5 billion yen putting together two "GLAY 15th anniversary Special Live 2009 THE GREAT VACATION" concerts, which attracted about 150,000 fans.

The group performed 21 songs including "SOUL LOVE" and "HOWEVER" on a stage over 100 meters wide and 30 meters high, dubbed "HOTEL GLAY." They also pleased all sections of the crowd when they went around the venue on a 500 meter-long stage extension that encircled the stadium.

GLAY will be performing at 14 venues when their nationwide tour begins on November 21st.

Source - JapanToday
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Just for fun - Lego Dream City

Participants look at a Dream City which was built by about 100,000 pieces of lego blocks, during a Lego event in Tokyo. about 1,000 children and their parents participated in the event.

This looks really amazing. It must have been a very interesting, creative and fun time for these children and their families to build this city out of just Legos! It probably isn't habitable place to live in (if this was a real city plan), with boats in the streets and all the craziness going on, but this looks really fun. Mustv'e been a great experience for everyone.
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(M/V)Hwangbo- Arisong

Hwangbo is back!

Check it out!

The full Music Video is out and ths time its a sexy Hwangbo who's back. I really like the song and the MV. It reminds me of Beak Ji young a little bit, its interesting to see all these women coming back with the same type of style.
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SBS Inkigayo 08/16/09

KARA does again & again

2PM performing Seo Taiji & Boys, Park Jin Young, Rain and Fin.K.L. Other hot performances by FT Island, Brown Eyed Girls, Mighty Mouth, and Xing to name a few.Brown Eyed Girls wins Mutizen! congradulations! Also a female idol dance battle featuring GaIn, Nicole, MinJi and HyunA!

Check out the performances!

Kara does it again and again

Female idol dance battle

2pm performing You In Fantasy & Kiss

Junsu is wearing a mask because he had a nosebleed.

2pm forever love and badguy

KARA wanna

Mighty Mouth ft. Uee(After School)-Love Class

For more videos of performances check out youtube just put in the post title. I would put them all but I think I've video spammed enough.
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Liar Game - 2nd Season and Movie

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Actress Erika Toda (20) and Shota Matsuda (23) were on hand recently at an event in Tokyo announcing the silmutaneous production of the Fuji TV series drama, "Liar Game Season 2," which begins in November, and movie "Liar Game: The Final Stage," directed by Hiroaki Matsumoto and to be released on February 6, 2010.

The show gained much popularity since its start last April, moving to the prime time slot, and is not celebrating a 2nd season and plans for creation of a movie. The 2nd season will focus on the semifinals of the white-knuckle brain game, while the movie will document the final competition.

At the event, Toda was asked what she would do if she won the 5 billion yen grand price, she replied "I'd buy a house in some place like Okinawa (so would I), then save the rest," while Matsuda said, "I'd make movie theater and name if after myself. Then I'd only show movies I made."

Toda's character is a university student who plays the game to the bitter end despite being repeatedly fooled. When tested with the game at the event, she lost hands down. On the other hand, Matsuda made it to the final two, keeping up appearance for his swindler character.

I haven't yet seen the 1st season of "Liar Game," but from what I know, the first series was a nice mix of game theory, probabilty and mystery, so I'm really looking forward to see what they do in the 2nd season and movie. Toda and Shota look great together; I think I might just watch the 1st season now.
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Professional musicians wearing animal masks performed at the Zoorasia zoo in Yokohama today, Sunday, August 16th. The band named Zoorasia Brass aims to increase the interest of classical music among children.

So cute! I think this is a great idea, but it must be so hot in those masks. Kids would definitely love this.
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Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei ED Single - Zetsubou Restaurant

'Zetsubo Restaurant', from the CD Title: TV Anime Zan Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei Outro Theme (long title..i know) was released on August 5th. It is a catchy and amusing opening theme to the satirical anime series Zan Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei.

'Zetsubo Restaurant' is a really cute and sort of funny tune and the girls did well singing the song. The music arrangement is cheeky too in a scooby-doo kind of way. It's a pretty good jpop song too. I like it!

Source - ayumikat

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Big Bang - Japanese Album Previews

Here are some previews to Big Bang's new Japanese album to be released soon.

The intro sounds really good. I love it already! Can't wait to hear what else they have in store for us.

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Nichkhun's goes to Thailand - Let's Take a Break

2PM's Nichkhun goes to Thailand

Nichkhun became the ambassador for tourism in Thailand recently in June, so he does advertisements and other promotional activities for the tourist campaign. Nichkhun is from Thailand himself and has spent a lot of time there, so it makes sense that he would become ambassador. He has a great personality and I can see he's working hard, so hopefully this will be a success. Also, it doesn't hurt that he's a part of very hot Korean boy group 2PM.

Nichkhun arrives in Thailand for the press conference and other promotional activities

He also made a CF called "Let's Take A Break" to promote tourism in Thailand. I think he did a really good job. I know it makes me want to go to Thailand. How about you?

Nichkhun 2PM - Splash Nichkhun "Let's Take A Break"

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