Anna Tsuchiya Pregnant with 2nd Child!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Singer and model Anna Tsuchiya (25) announced on her blog on today that she is currently pregnant. She and the father, a stylist named Yamato (who is three years younger), are expecting to register their marriage soon.

Yamato has been Tsuchiya's stylist for many years now. Their relationship apparently started about 2 years ago. Tsuchiya is said to be three months pregnant now(seen in the pic above), with the baby due in spring. Doesn't she look very motherly?

Tsuchiya was previously married to model Joshua for two years (2004-2006). They also had one son together. Joshua unfortunately suddenly passed away last year at the age of 25.

I just want to say, congrats to Anna and Yamato and I hope they will have a beautiful and healthy baby together!
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Angela Zhang is back with new hit

Despite rumors and accusations about Taiwanese singer Angela Zhang being unfilial by her parents, her latest song, 'Bai Bai De' (White) from her new album 'The 5th Season,' has still managed to hit the billboard charts and is already a big hit.

The release of her sixth album, 'The 5th Season' was recently alleged to be delayed by her parents, but fans of the pop singer seemed to be unfazed by it. The 5th Season continues to be gaining much success in the market, along with her newest hit 'White.' 'White' has made its way onto two billboard charts at the same time. The rest of her album will be released on September 25th.

Angela commented, "Thank you everybody for giving me this heartwarming encouragement at this point of time. I can deeply feel it and will always put you in my heart. I will continue to sing more great songs and not disappoint everyone."

In line with her hit track, the singer was donned with a low-cut white waistcoat and white feathered shorts. Her face had a mask filled with many diamonds, creating an ethereal and romantic effect of a mysterious white festival. (seen to the left)

In the 5th Season, she attempted various different music styles, which is a refreshing change from her previous work, but she still keeps to her original vocal capabilities.

Listen to Angela's hit song "Bai Bai De"

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Update: Rain's New Boy-Group Revealed!

Rains' company, J. Tunes Entertainment, has finally revealed their upcoming 5-member group MBLAQ, pronounced M-black..interesting choice of name O_o

The group will be showing their face for the first time, appearing on the October issue of fashion magazine Nylon, which will be released on the 21st of September.

MBLAQ had also done filming to the photo shoot with Rain. There is much anticipation for the groups' debut since they took 2 years to prepare for their debut. It's even more anticipated because they are working under very well know entrepreneur Rain. Plus the guys are really hot!!

J. Tune Entertainment said "Because of rain's transformation into a producer and this being his first creation of a group, many are showing interest. We are already receiving inquiries for fanclubs."

MBLAQ will be releasing their first single in mid-October.

Here are some photos from MBLAQ's Nylon photo shoot:

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Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie 2010

The November issue of Shueisha's V Jump magazine is announcing on Saturday that the 10th Annniversary of the Yu-Gi-Oh anime will be a film that will open in Japanese theaters in early 2010 with 3D graphics. Most likely it will be out in Spring 2010.

Gekijō-ban Yu-Gi-Oh! ~Chō-Yūgō! Jikū o Koeta Kizuna~ will feature the main heroes of all three TV Tokyo anime series: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters' Yuugi Mutou, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monster GX's Judai Yuki, and the ongoing Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Yūsei Fudō. the story will bring together the three heroes to fight Paradox, a powerful new enemy that will appear for the first time in the film.

I have to say the trailer sounds rather exciting especially with the music and voice-over guy, but.. I have never been a big fan of Yu-Gi-Oh, so I've only seen a couple episodes from when it began years ago. But I know it will have a lot of success, even if the movie isn't all that amazing, because it's still surprisingly really popular today among many people. People are already excited about its' release, so let's see what happens next Spring.

Here's a mini-trailer preview of the upcoming movie:

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Music core- Taegoon, Baek Jiyoung and more!

Today on Music core performances by Baek Jiyoung, Taegoon, 4minute, F(x) and more!
Check out the performances!

A really good performance by Taegoon. It sucks that his Mic was messing up, he keeps holding it trying to make it work but to no avail. There's also a part where the camera completely fails and is looking at the ground for a few seconds.

I love seeing these two perform I'm gonna miss it.The ending was so adorable!

Once again with the horrible microphones, and camare man seriously music core needs to try a little harder. All in all good performance I missed the Toxic part though.

They seriously remind me of like Morning Masume or something with their happy songs and dance moves. Only difference is I think they dance a little better then MM (morning masume). Did I really need that intense close up of their butts in the beginning?

Currently my favorite song next to muzik. Out of all the girl groups I think I like their and 2ne1s style the best. Even though sometimes with 2ne1 I'm like "what the hell are they wearing?". I think everyone has a girl crush on Amber, don't lie you do.

Time for an extremely feminine comment: I love their shoes. The camare is really killing me, the part when they move their hands and it sways @_@. I still don't get the part when the guys move their hands between their legs, but I still love the song.

Love the song not their outfits.

Its SNSD what else do I need to say. I have no problem with them but I always wonder whats gonna happen when their like 25, can they really still be girls generation??

More performances by Hwangbo, Lee Hyun, and I the tri top. Check out here if you wish to see more.
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Lee Seung Gi's comeback with album "Shadow"

Many fans have been anticipating Lee Seung Gi's comeback since his past hit singles and wondering how he will do this time around. Now they no longer have to wait!Ballad prince, Lee Seung Gi has returned with his 4th album "Shadow," which was released on September 17th. This is his official album comeback since the digital single "Will You Marry Me" released this past summer.

Some interesting things about this album is that the song "Myeon SaPo" was a song given to Seung Gi by Psy -who also gave Seung Gi his debut song "Because Noona is my Woman" five years ago. Other songs like "Melody" and "For You" were written by artists like Brown Eyed Soul's Jung Yeop and popular Japanese artist Kurakimai.

Track List:

01. 꽃처럼
02. 면사포
03. 우리헤어지자
05. 사랑이 맴돈다
06. 사랑이란
07. 그렇게 알게 됐어
08. 널 원해
09. 단념
10. 오래오래오(feat. AMEN)

Source - Soompi

I'm also a fan of Seung Gi. I really like his voice, it's so soothing. You can listen to the 4th track here, it's one of my favorites from the new album. (Just click the links to hear the rest..if you're interested^^)

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G Dragon loses #1 to Sandra Park's "Kiss"

Last week, 2NE1 member Sandra Park's solo debut album "Kiss" went up to #1 on MNET's weekly chart for its first week in the chart. I'd never heard her song until today, but I have to say it's really hot! Meanwhile, G Dragon's "Heartbreaker" has fallen to #3. So, he's still doing pretty well.

The song went up to number 1 only four days after its debut. The songs' MV, revealed on September 10th, features Boys Over Flowers actor Lee Min Ho. No wonder it's so popular!

On the charts this week a lot of solo artists besides Sandra are gaining more influence lately. Before, in the summer, a lot of girl groups were in the limelight, but now, of the top 10, 5 artists are solo artists. This is something different I guess. One other solo artist that's doing well these days is Baek Ji Young ft. 2PM's Taecyon with "My Ears Candy," which is up to #7 spot.

Here's Sandra Parks' "Kiss" MV + Cass Beer CF ft. Lee Min Ho

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(M/V)Taegoon -Betrayer

Friday, September 18, 2009

Taegoon's full music video for "Betrayer" is finally out. His moves really remind me of Rain.
Check it out!

His dancing seriously reminds me of rain (specifically his Bad boy MV). Especially during the chorus very fluid simple movements. The song is good but I feel like its not much different from his first song, but I'm still enjoying it. Yesterday He had a comeback stage on KBS, I'll put up the video as soon as it becomes available. I can't wait to see it live!
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Super Junior's Yesung releases a CCM song

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Super Junior's Yesung has done a collaboration with Yurisangja's Lee Sejun to release a CCM (Christian Contemporary Music). This was shocking news to netizens since idol members rarely go into CCM. But honestly, I think he can use his talent to do whatever he wants.

Yesung and Lee Sejun are two of many CCM artists collaborating together to release a project album called "July Project" to be released Ovtober 5th. Their contribution to this album is called "The Most Precious Story in the World," which has already been released online.

Yesung and Lee Sejun's -"The Most Precious Story in the World"

Yesung said "i had always wanted to try being a CCM artist, so when Lee Sejun-hyung asked me to work on this song with him, I agreed without any hesitation. I also told my record company (SM Entertainment) that I really wanted to work on this project, and they gave me permission to do so. Of course, I will not be taking any of the profits that come from this album. And I don't want a project like this to be a one-time thing either. I want to continue working on projects like this in the future."
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Amuro's new DVD is #1 on Oricon charts

Singer Namie Amuro's new live DVD "namie amuro Best Fiction tour 2008-2009," has topped the Oricon weekly charts for the week of September 15-21 in DVD and Blue-ray sales. This is her first time to hit number 1 spot on both these charts. She has also received record sales of a DVD from a female artist, having sold 1.55 million copies, in only about a week, since the DVD went on sale September 9.

Namie Amuro has been singing and performing for about 17 years now and is still going. It's an amazing accomplishment in a pop culture world, which is highly competitive, and where singers are just a fad and don't last even a year.

I love her personality, her music, dance and her style. Plus, she looks amazing for being over 30!  Congrats Amuro! Hope you continue to have more success in the future. I will always support you!

Here's a sample of the DVD

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(M/V) SuperJunior M- Super Girl

New MV out by Super Junior M "Super Girl". Super Junior M is a sub group of Super Junior. It was created to bring Korean pop to the Chinese market. It is the first international group to have Korean and Chinese members.

Check out Super Junior M's new Video!

Super Junior M- Super Girl

Enjoy the english subs. After watching it with the subs the video kinda doesn't match to me. I love how Super Junior is always so synchronized when they dance. I always watch it over just for that. I did not realize that was Jessica till the very end haha was to focused on the men.

Whoops! almost forgot here's the tracklist for their new mini album!
The album was released September 15th
Tracklist :
01. Super_Girl
02. (いた)(りょう)明天(めいてん)(Blue_Tomorrow)
03. 告白(こくはく)(Confession)
04. 動情 (Only_U)
05. 愛情(あいじょう)(せっ)力 (You & Me)
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Shin-Chan creator missing?!?

Shin creator Yoshito Usui(51) has been missing for several days. His family reported him missing September 12th, when he didn't return from a hiking trip the day before. No one including his publisher has been in contact with Usui after he left on friday. Police have already lunched a search effort. I hope that he's fine and that the find him soon. Usui is a great mangaka. Read More......

Taegoon M/V Teaser!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Taegoon will be making his comeback Thursday September 17th! check some of his new video for his song betrayed of his new mini album.

Taegoon (태군) feat JooYeon (주연) - 속았다 (Betrayed) [3rd Mini Album]

I've always liked Taegoon's dancing. His dance so far in this is very interesting, he's a very fluid dancer yes this was all taken from 42 seconds. Also did you notice the girl is JooYeon from after school?
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Miyavi coming to the US!

Miyavi has extended his world tour set to start in September to the USA! His world tour will start September 19th. He will play six shows across the country in October and November.

Miyavi's world tour includes 18 concerts in Europe between September 19 and October 11, followed by 4 shows in South America in mid-October. His U.S. tour stops will come after that, though the exact dates are still unknown. He plans to perform in Seattle, New York, Atlanta, Dallas, Irvine, and Anaheim.

Before returning for a show in Japan, Miyavi will also play in Shanghai and Beijing this December. His website indicates that more shows will be announced for the Asia leg of the tour. I hope he takes a break between all of this, don't want him fainting again.

Miyavi 2007 Tour above

Who else can't wait! no matter the time date or place I know I'm seeing Miyavi when he comes to New York. It took him long enough I know so many fans have been waiting!
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Getting to know the Wonder Girls

Sunday, September 13, 2009

If you ever felt like you wanted to get to know more about the Wonder Girls, now you can!

Members of the Korean pop group Wonder Girls have posted their "About me" videos on youtube. So, now you can learn from the girls themselves about.. well.. themselves. You even get to hear three members of 2PM (Nichkhun, Taecyeon, and another member) speaking in english! so cuteee!~

Here are the videos. Enjoy :)






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New Romantic Comedy - Girlfriends

A new romantic comedy film will be out by this winter starring Korea's "Barbie Doll" Han Chae-young, along with Kan Hye-jung and Heo Yi-jae. The movie is called "Girlfriends." The basic plot is about three friends who become closer through liking the same guy

Chae-young plays Yoo Jin-ho's ex-girl friend, Sae-jin. Sae-jin is very beautiful and is everyone's first love. She is also a singer at a jazz bar. Kang Hye-jeong plays the character Bora, who loves Songy (Hye I-Jae). The male character who is loved by the three ladies will be acted by Bae Soo-bin.

This story has kind of been done many times before, but it sounds like a cute movie I might want to watch. Let's see how this film will turn out!

Here are some promotional photos for the movie "Girlfriends

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Eita Nagayama and Kaela Kimura ~ Love

Japanese actor Eita Kagayama (26) and Kaela Kimura (24) are currently dating. Their relationship was revealed in the latest issue of Josei Seven, which included pictures of the pair together. The couple confirmed the news via their agency.

Lucky girl!
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