(M/V) Gdragon- A Boy

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gdragons new video for his song "A boy" off his first solo album!

I like the video. I wish their would have been more clips from when he was younger. I feel like the one clip over and over is not enough. Other then that I like the song, the video is good not amazing.
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(M/V)New 2pm!- Heartbeat

New song Heartbeat off their new ablum 1:59. Plus comeback stage!
Check it out!

I really love this song and MV. I feel like the song is about Jaebum don't you? I think naming the ablum 1:59 was a really good idea. It shows they haven't forgotten about Jaebum, I'm still sad he's not their.

I really love the choreography for this dance its very unique.
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