MBLAQ- Oh Yeah

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Check out Bi Rains new boy group MBLAQ = Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality!
UPDATE: added debut stage!

You can completely tell this Group is Rains creation,from the song to the way they dance. The dancing at the end was seriously awesome.Right now I have no complaints about them. I want more MBLAQ!

whoops thought I posted this when I didn't. I'm really liking MBLAQ.

The members are:
Seung Ho (승호) - Yang Seung Ho [Leader]
GO (지오) - Jung Byung Hee
Joon (준) - Lee Joon
Mir (미르) - Bang Chul Yeong
Cheon Dung (천둥) - Park Sang Hyun

1st Mini Album - Just Blaq
Date : 14 October 2009


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