Ambassador Rain

Saturday, July 25, 2009
Manchester United Team Global Promotion ambassador Rain, joined the team today for his first promotional event.

Rain + Kids= cute
Even though that one little boy looks very upset.

Rain started the event teaching some kids basic techniques such as dribbling, and passing. Then played a short (20min) game with some young soccer players, winning 6 to 4 go rain!. Following that their was a charity event in which rain donated t-shirts and sneakers, with a logo he designed himself. He also presented a donation of 680 million, that members of his fan club donated to the event.

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(video) Yui -Again

Yui does it again, yes that line is cheesy. This song may sound familiar, that is because it was chosen as the opening theme for the new Full Metal alchemist series (which everyone should watch). The series came out before the single. Again currently has the highest opening week sales for a female in 2009. You can understand why, I know I'm absolutely in love with this song.

Check it out!
Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood OP

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(Trailer) Ninjas!

Friday, July 24, 2009
A Trailer has finally been released for Ninja assassin staring Bi rain
watch it in HD at

The plot doesn't look like its going to be anything amazing, but the action certainly looks like it will be. Ninja assassin comes out november 23rd in korea and november 25th in the US. Anyone catch it at comic con? did rains hard work pay off? tell us what you think! Read More......

Lets Brighten up your day

(video) New MV from Yazima Beauty Salon

New MV called Hamaguri bomber(はまぐりボンバ) lit. meaning Orient clam bomber. A little background info, since I know most people will look at this and go what the hell?!?. The yazima beauty salon is made up of DJ Ozma and the tunnels (comedy duo). Their drag names are Margaret Camelia Yazima, Naomi Camelia Yazima, and Strawberry Camelia Yazima. For more info just check out the wiki on them don't wanna bore you with to many details. Now enjoy the video and laugh.
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Matsumoto Jun Shines

This may be old news, but I couldn't resist writing about Matsumoto Jun's very cute performance in Arashi Time Concert 2007. He really shines on stage (no pun intended^^). His choice of fashion may not have been the best, but he's so kawaii (cute) and looks like he's having a lot of fun.

Jun~chan forever!
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Get 2NE1's fashion on a budget

Thursday, July 23, 2009

You can get CL's look without digging deep into your pockets. You can buy this entire look for under $ 60. All of the above can be found at forever21.
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(video) Epik High remixes the human soul

This is Epik High and Planet Shivers first project together, a remix album of Epik High's greatest hits. This album, will contain a complete recreation of Epik Highs music. Who else can't wait to hear the rest? Read More......

(video) Brown Eyed Girls very fierce

Do I even have to say how extremely unexpected.

Yeah so there's no subtle sexual innuendo here, sweet smiles or neon colors. The Brown Eyed Girls are showing their sensual side. Hey why not? They're old enough to all being 25 except for Ga-in the youngest at 21. The MV isnt slutty or lewd but, the video will probably have to be edited before being seen on any major networks. Personally I think the video and the clothes are hot, can't wait to see more from the Brown Eyed Girls.

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Aya Ueto as Astro boy

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Popular Japanese actress and singer Aya Ueto, will be the voice of Astro boy. In the japanese version of the upcoming movie based on the animation. Astro boy will open in japan on oct 10 and in the US on oct 23.
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To all who say Daesung isn't hot..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Look at that smile
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