Asian Song Festival 2009 - Free Admission!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Girl's Generation and Super Junior have been selected to represent South Korea in this years' Asia Song Festival, which will be held in northwestern Seoul in October at the Sangam World Cup Stadium. Im so proud of them! This will be a great opportunity.

The Asian Song festival is an internationally famous event that represents singers and pop group from 9 countries such as South Korean, Japan, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Performers such as Gackt and Mihimaru GT (Japan), Li Ming (HK), K-Otic (Thailand), Ho Ngoc Ha (Vietnam), and Agnes Monica (Indonesia), etc.

Ticket passes will be available in September on the festival's website at

Too bad I can't go =(

Update: Sorry again for the misunderstanding about the tickets. I was really confused as to whether they were free or not, but they are FREE! You can print your ticket passes online at the website above. Priority is given to foreigners travelling to South Korea, so this is good. So all who are planning to go get your tickets fast because tickets are running out!


liasiwon said...

do you mean we can get the free ticket from that site?

MTS said...

on the website it says that you can download a ticket pass which is not the actual you have to pay..sorry about that

MTS said...

tickets are free..sorry again

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