SBS Inkigayo (07/26/09)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

2pm+2ne1+BEGs = awesome

SBS Inkigayo features new releases in the Kpop industry with singers and bands performing their latest work.

Taekyeon and Woo Young, members of 2pm were the new hosts of SBS Inkigayo. 2pm' s MC debut stage was well done and creative.

Brown eyed girls also performed their songs candy man and Abracadabra. I think they did a great job in changing the dance (Ga-in pt from vid) but keeping it sexy. Miryo's (rapper) sunglasses are hot, amazing vocals, and choregraphy check it out! Think they did a good job?

Congratulations to 2NE1 for winning #1 at SBS Inkigayo today!

There where many other performances by Shinee,2ne1, SNSD, FT Island, Lee Jung Hyun,R tripper, Cool, Hung Jin Young, and Rani.

Whats Your thoughts on Inkigayo?


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